Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day #223 Recap (Final Fantasy VII)

Current Game: Final Fantasy VII

Current Play Time: 1:47
Total Play Time - 433:36
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 44

Where I Currently Am: Heading from Aeris's House to Sector 7
Stuff Did Today: Took out a couple of Mako reactors ... agreed to be Aeris's bodyguard.

Current Setup:

Cloud - Lv 10
HP - 359 MP - 75
 Str - 22 | Dex - 14 | Vit - 24 | Mag - 30 | Spr - 22 | Luck - 18
Atk - 40/96% | Defense - 37/5% | Mg. Def - 22/0%

Equipment - Buster Sword, Titan Bangle
Materia Equipped - Lightning, Ice, Cover

Materia Levels:
Lightning - Lv 1
Ice - Lv 1
Cover - Lv 1
Restore - Lv 1

Status & Notes:

Welcome to what is actually the most dated game in the entire thesis. That's right, all the earlier games have had numerous remakes, however, Final Fantasy VII has not had an update or remake in the 16 years since it has been released. This is mainly because this generation of games used kind of a hybrid technology which just isn't used anymore, so there is very little if any resources from the orignial game which would be able to be reused in a remake. It would literally have to be built from scratch, and it is a HUGE game.

I like Final Fantasy VII. It certainly is not my favorite one in the series though. Honestly, most of the reason why, are in these first few hours of the game. I never liked that you're stuck in Midgar for the first 4-5 hours of the game, and then I'll get to what happens directly after that. Yes, it works as kind of a very long tutorial, but I do believe this is the longest you go without a world map or its equivalent. I really do enjoy this game once you get into the world. We may be a few days away from that unfortunately.

It's actually been quite a while since I've done a playthrough of this game, so I'm definitely looking forward to it... lets see how it goes!

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