Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day #78 Recap (FF IV: Interlude)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (Interlude)
Current Play Time: 22:22
Total Play Time - 168:23
Current Game Overs - 1...
Total Game Overs:10

Where I Currently Am: In-Between Games
Bosses Killed Today: Lunar Bahamut, Lunar Ramuh, Lunar Leviathan, Brachiosaurus, Zeromus EG

Status + Notes:

 So, wasn't planning on completing the game, but whatever. Still technically have a couple things to do in the main game. 4 more Bestiary entries and a couple items to get. So, I will take care of that. But, considering I did make it to the bottom of the Lunar Ruins, I went ahead and posted the completion data.

As promised here's the rest of the Lunar Test items.

Kain - Dragoon Gloves - Makes Jump -> Double Jump. Basically means guaranteed 9999 damage with a moderate charge timer...
Cid - Flare Sledgehammer - A worse version of Lightbringer, only because Cid has crap intellect stats so his flare does no damage. Oh well.
Palom + Porom - Twin Stars - turns Twin Magic into Twin Meteor... if you want to wait like 60 seconds for it to cast... useless

So, few things to do. Get through Interlude.Start up side FF IV game to get last couple entries quickly... Get into After Years

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