Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day #81 Recap (FF IV: Interlude)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (Interlude)

Total Complete Collection Play Time: 26:14
Interlude Play Time: 0:05
Main Game Play Time: 24:48(finished)
Side Run Play Time: 1:21
Total Play Time - 172:15

Current Game Overs - 1...
Total Game Overs:10

Where I Currently Am:Damcyan(Interlude), Mt. Ordeals(Side Run)
Bosses Killed Today: Well Plenty in the Sude Run

Status + Notes:

So, yeah, decided to start busting out the side run today... speedrun style. As you can see, an hour and twenty one minutes into my siderun and I'm already about to take on Scarmiglione. I'm enjoying playing the game in this style... vastly underlevelled for some challenge while really taking zero time to grind and just going from one dungeon to the next. Especially knowing I only need to make it about half way through the game so I can really make the most out of each and every item I get. Oh, there will be some spider silk and hermes sandals usage going on, that I can assure you. 
I know I'm going to be able to get a decent amount of play time in today. So I'd like to knock a couple more dungeons out in my side quest... maybe get up to Tower of Zot... and start knocking through a few things in the Interlude.

Til Tomorrow!!!

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