Monday, July 29, 2013

Day #80 Recap (FF IV: Interlude)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (Interlude)

Total Complete Collection Play Time: 24:53
Interlude Play Time: 0:05
Main Game Play Time: 24:48(finished)
Side Run Play Time: 0:00
Total Play Time - 170:54

Current Game Overs - 1...
Total Game Overs:10

Where I Currently Am: In-Between Games
Bosses Killed Today: None

Status + Notes:

Okay, so I did do some work today... just nothing to really show here. As promised I completed as much of the Bestiary as I could in my main game... the problem was the RNG was not being helpful with me and I had to do 7 runs to Kain's section of the Cave of Trials to get the map I needed to fight Golden Flans and Dust Mousses... so right now I have 2 empty Bestiary entries in my main FF IV file... for those of you that have forgotten. Those are Calca and Doctor.

I am now officially finished with my Main run of FF IV, even though there's still a couple pieces of equipment I could've gotten, but I really don't see any point in it. So all my efforts now will be split between the Interlude and my Side play through which should only take about 5 hours each... From there its on to The After Years!!!

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