Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day #135 Recap (FF IV DS 2nd Run)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IV DS

Current Play Time: 6:27
Total Play Time - 274:48
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 22

Where I Currently Am: Cave of Eblan
Current Setup: Lugae

Cecil - Paladin - Lv 42
HP: 2652 MP: 17
Str: 77 Spd: 45 Sta: 61 Int: 38 Spr: 43
Atk: 75 Acc: 90 Def: 116 Eva: 70 MgD: 103 MgE: 42

Equipment: Icebrand, Flame Shield, Green Beret, Adamant Armor, Giant's Gloves

White Magic: Cure, Sight, Libra, Protect, Cura, Teleport, Shell, Esuna, Raise

Augments: Counter, Twincast, Gil Farmer, Draw Attacks, Rosa's Love, Kick, Safe Travel, Brace, Level Lust, HP +50%

Rydia - Summoner - Lv 38
HP: 915 MP: 258
Str: 39 Spd: 36 Sta: 37 Int: 65 Spr: 45
Atk: 20 Acc: 80 Def: 112 Eva: 50 MgD: 118 MgE: 47

Equipment: Polymorph Rod, Gold Hairpin, Adamant Armor, Rune Armlet

Black Magic: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Sleep, Poison, Pig, Blizzara, Fira, Thundara, Stop, Bio, Toad, Quake, Drain, Warp, Osmose, Blizzaga

Summon Magic: Whyt, Chocobo, Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit, Titan, Dragon

Augments: Fast Talker, Inferno, Piercing Magic

Kain - Dragoon - Lv 40
HP: 1490 MP: 51
Str: 58 Spd: 48 Sta: 48 Int: 24 Spr: 41
Atk: 77 Acc: 80 Def: 117 Eva: 60 MgD: 106 MgE: 36

Equipment: Ice Lance, Ice Shield, Mythril Helm, Adamant Armor, Mythril Gloves

Augments: Darkness, Cry, Focus, Phoenix

Rosa - White Mage - Lv 38
HP: 996 MP: 340
Str: 42 Spd: 38 Sta: 38 Int: 34 Spr: 61
Atk: 55 Acc: 77 Def: 112 Eva: 50 MgD: 118 MgE: 47

Equipment: Killer Bow, Ice Arrows, Gold Hairpin, Adamant Armor, Rune Armlet

White Magic: Cure, Hold, Slow, Libra, Sight, Raise, Protect, Cura, Silence, Esuna, Shell, Blink, Confuse, Teleport, Berserk, Curaga, Mini, Dispel, Haste, Float

Augments: Omnicasting, Dualcast, MP +50%

Status + Notes:

As I said... I had a bunch to do today... wedding to go to and such, so really didn't get a lot of play time in... also having a bunch of family over today, so not going to get a lot in either... though will get in some. Will start the push again tomorrow...

Will say though... still have to pay attention to what you're doing against Lugae... even with all the Adamant Armors... almost managed to kill myself after I mistakenly thought Reversal Gas didn't work with the armor on... whoops.                                                                                

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