Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day #139 Recap (FF IV DS 2nd Run)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IV DS

Current Play Time: 19:04
Total Play Time - 287:25
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 22

Where I Currently Am: Farming for Superbosses...
Current Setup: None

Cecil - Paladin - Lv 95
HP: 5249 MP: 370
Str: 99 Spd: 99 Sta: 99 Int: 74 Spr: 78
Atk: 190 Acc: 145 Def: 130 Eva: 70 MgD: 119 MgE: 45

Equipment: Onion Sword, Crystal Shield, Crystal Helm, Adamant Armor, Crystal Gloves

White Magic: Cure, Sight, Libra, Protect, Cura, Teleport, Shell, Esuna, Raise

Augments: Counter, Twincast, Gil Farmer, Draw Attacks, Rosa's Love, Kick, Safe Travel, Brace, Level Lust, HP +50%, Limit Break, Treasure Hunter, Reach, Focus, Analyze

Rydia - Summoner - Lv 95
HP: 3061 MP: 999
Str: 60 Spd: 66 Sta: 73 Int: 99 Spr: 99
Atk: 45 Acc: 80 Def: 119 Eva: 57 MgD: 124 MgE: 52

Equipment: Stardust Rod, Ribbon, Adamant Armor, Protect Ring

Black Magic: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Sleep, Poison, Pig, Blizzara, Fira, Thundara, Stop, Bio, Toad, Quake, Drain, Warp, Osmose, Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga, Break, Death, Tornado, Flare, Meteor

Summon Magic: Whyt, Chocobo, Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit, Titan, Dragon, Asura, Leviathan, Odin, Sylph

Augments: Fast Talker, Inferno, Piercing Magic, Bardsong, Omnicasting, MP +50%, Dualcast

Kain - Dragoon - Lv 94
HP: 4771 MP: 134
Str: 99 Spd: 69 Sta: 99 Int: 36 Spr: 54
Atk: 188 Acc: 144 Def: 126 Eva: 68 MgD: 116 MgE: 43

Equipment: Onion Sword, Dragon Shield, Dragon Helm, Adamant Armor, Dragon Gloves

Augments: Darkness, Cry, Focus, Phoenix, Level Lust, Brace, Bless, Adrenaline

Rosa - White Mage - Lv 95
HP: 3196 MP: 951
Str: 65 Spd: 71 Sta: 74 Int: 99 Spr: 99
Atk: 110 Acc: 95 Def: 119 Eva: 57 MgD: 124 MgE: 52

Equipment: Yoichi Bow, Artemis Arrows, Ribbon, Adamant Armor, Protect Ring

White Magic: Cure, Hold, Slow, Libra, Sight, Raise, Protect, Cura, Silence, Esuna, Shell, Blink, Confuse, Teleport, Berserk, Curaga, Mini, Dispel, Haste, Float, Reflect, Curaja, Arise, Holy

Augments: Omnicasting, Dualcast, MP +50%, Fast Talker, Twincast, Inferno, Piercing Magic, Whirlwind, Tsunami

Edge - Ninja - Lv 94
HP: 4320 MP: 330
Str: 99 Spd: 99 Sta: 90 Int: 62 Spr: 75
Atk: 115 Acc: 120 Def: 108 Eva: 52 MgD: 109 MgE: 39

Equipment: Murasame, Masamune, Green Beret, Adamant Armor, Rune Armlet

Ninjutsu: Flame, Smoke, Shadowbind, Mirage, Flood, Blitz, Tremor, Gale, Frost

Augments: Tsunami, Whirlwind, Reach, Hide, Salve, Upgrade, Counter, Last Stand, Bluff, Kick, Bless, Phoenix, Curse, Draw Attacks, HP +50%

Status + Notes:

Okay... so today is Super Boss day... I'd like to get a couple of Onion Helms... but I've done 3 sets of 50 sirens with no tails dropping... will probably give it a couple more attempts.

So, I'm going to admit... I screwed up a little. I didn't know how levelling works after level 70! After level 70, all stat ups you get are determined by the Augments you have EQUIPPED... oh well, I STILL think I can get Proto-Babil.

Speaking of him, I did a little work on him yesterday, to start getting my strategy... I think this is going to be my strategy...

1. On an attempt where he casts Ninth Dimension first... open with Brace on Cecil.
2. Have Kain Cry, Edge Slow, Rosa Haste/Cure
3. Continue to have Cecil Brace while Kain/Rosa Twincasts to Bubble.
4. Heal Up and finish buffing
5. Now we start to damage. Have Rydia Dualcast Meteor.
5a. If he counters, heal to full
6. Repeat 5 so you do it 14 times, using Elixirs on Rydia when necessary.
7. Proto-babil will have taken just under 280k damage.
8. With brace up, have Rosa/Cecil twincast. Just before the cast finishes, have Edge Salve Elixir. Rydia should Dualcast meteor again as well. Kain should attack.
9. Step 8 should do about 60k damage leaving him with about 60k and in phase 2.
10. Continue damaging while Edge continues Salving Elixirs until dead.

We'll see how this works...                          

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