Friday, September 27, 2013

Day #140 Recap (FF V)

Current Game: Final Fantasy V Advance

Current Play Time: 0:21
Total Play Time - 289:00
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 22

Where I Currently Am: Wind Shrine
Bosses Killed Today(FF IV): Proto-Babil, Geryon
Bosses Killed Today(FF V): None

Current Setup: 

Bartz - Freelancer - Lv 3
HP: 55 MP: 14
Str: 28 Agi: 25 Sta: 27 Mag: 25
Atk: 15 Def: 2 Eva: 0 MgD: 2

Equipment: Broadsword, Leather Cap, Leather Armor ________________________________________________________________

Lenna - Freelancer - Lv 3
HP: 53 MP: 15
Str: 25 Agi: 26 Sta: 25 Mag: 28
Atk: 7 Def: 1 Eva: 0 MgD: 1

Equipment: Knife, Leather Armor

Galuf - Freelancer - Lv 3
HP: 56 MP: 14
Str: 27 Agi: 24 Sta: 28 Mag: 24
Atk: 3 Def: 1 Eva: 0 MgD: 1

Equipment: Leather Armor ________________________________________________________________

Faris - Freelancer - Lv 3
HP: 54 MP: 10
Str: 27 Agi: 27 Sta: 26 Mag: 26
Atk: 14 Def: 1 Eva: 10 MgD: 1

Equipment: Dagger, Leather Shield, Leather Armor

Status + Notes:

Yay!!! Done with Final Fantasy IV... forever!!! Well, except for writing the Review.... but, hey. So, you might be asking, how did your plan on Proto-Babil turn out??? Ha ha ha ha ha. Yeah, that didn't work so well... however, with a lot of perseverence I came up with a plan that did work. Let me recap how everything went.

First you have to learn to deal with phase 1... I initially started with Cecil + Brace... however, I quickly realized once I got into phase 2 that having your Limit Breaker be your tank isn't the greatest idea... Luckily having Edge + HP+50% + Rosa on Standby works just fine.... Okay, great... I got my tanking down, and I got very good at getting him just below 280k damage done. So, the fact is, with my setup I have no way of doing 99999 damage... crap. I thought I could attrition him, but that didn't work. I thought I'd be able to heal consistently through Divine Judgment... ha ha ha ha ha... yeah, not so much. I could, however, survive one... usually... so yes, this did take some luck...  I also realized that I didn't really need to tank in Phase 2. So I literally stacked attacks to transition hoping to maybe just get only 1 counter... on my kill I got 0. So, Ultima + 2x Meteor + Throw = ~65k damage... a quick 3x Focus attack I had stored on Cecil got me up to about 95k damage. Divine Judgment came, and Rosa died... oh well. 2x Meteor + Cecil Attack + Kain Attack = dead Proto Babil... yay!!!!!! Then I went and killed Geryon... he's a joke.

So, on to Final Fantasy V... Looking forward to a change of scenery from the Blue Planet... my goal for today is to really just finish the Wind Shrine so I can get my jobs and finish setting up my recap layout for tomorrow... Also, get the Review done...

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