Friday, October 24, 2014

Day #532 Recap

Current Game(s): Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XI

Current Play Time(Final Fantasy X-2): ~101:00
Current Play Time(Final Fantasy XI): ~125:00
Total Play Time - 1,254:34 (+)

Current Game Overs(FF X-2) - 8
Current Deaths(FF XI) - 38
Total Game Overs: 71

Where I Currently Am(FF X-2): Chapter 5, Finishing up Loose Ends... (95% Complete (RAWR!), Bestiary 97% Complete)

Where I Currently Am(FF XI): Windurst Mission 5-2. Currently grinding up some Merit Points (Current Levels RDM 75/THF 30)

Stuff Did Today (FF X-2): Finished digging up the parts I needed in Bikanel Desert. Along the way I did find the key to the chest back in the camp and got the Garment Grid. We then headed back to Djose Temple where the experiment had gotten so powerful it was now out of control. Whoops, we kicked its butt... and got a dancing book! Sweet.

Next, I headed into Luca, and it is time to play some Sphere Break! Really, I'm just interested in some stuff from Shinra... and a dog... that's right, a dog plays Sphere Break... sigh... anyway, you just look for the item property on the border coins, and you get yourself a couple of Garment Grids!

I next headed back into the Farplane... actually reached the bottom, where Leblanc and crew were waiting for us... how'd they get around the Dark Aeons?!?!?!? Grr, anyway, Nooj told them to not come after him, and Leblanc is going to be a little obedient puppy. We then headed back to the Celsius, where Brother and Buddy were talking about needing to recruit some new people... or they'd be stuck with Cid.

To get our last Garment Grid of the day, we headed back to Farplane Glen... through EVERY possible route. This netted us the Megiddo Garment Grid... so we can cast Flare.

Stuff Did Today (FF XI): Just grinded up 4 Merit Points...

Status & Notes: 

So... somewhere in the last few areas I did, I guess I screwed something up... and I'm going to be about .1 or .2% short of 100% in my FF X-2 run... that's... annoying. I mean, yes, it's not a huge deal since I was planning on doing a New Game + run anyway... but still, bleh.

So, still a few things left to do. I know I need the Garment Grids from Calm Lands, and the one from going through Besaid Island again with the second set of Sphere Ciphers... also, the one where you get oversouled everything... ya know, I realize that one is a TON less painful thanks to the Fiend Arena. Probably one or two more, but I have to consult a list to see which else...

Over in FF XI, I think I've decided that I'm going to get 12 Merit Points for now... this will be enough to get through the 75, 80, and 85 cap quests, I'll worry about the rest I'll need later.

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