Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day #559 Recap

Current Game(s): Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XI

Current Play Time(Final Fantasy X-2): ~138:00
Current Play Time(Final Fantasy XI): ~183:00
Total Play Time - 1,349:34 (+)

Current Game Overs(FF X-2) - 10
Current Deaths(FF XI) - 51
Total Game Overs: 72

Where I Currently Am(FF X-2):  Tieing up the last few loose ends (100% Complete, Bestiary *100*% Complete)

Where I Currently Am(FF XI): Windurst Mission 6-2! Of course... gonna need to do some levelling...(Current Levels RDM 84/DNC 42(50)... BLM 50... THF 30)

Stuff Did Today (FF X-2): Learned ALL the Blue Bullet spells!

Stuff Did Today (FF XI): More grinding... hit Level 84!!! Yay...

Status & Notes: 

Okay, so that was interesting. Learning ALL the Blue Bullet spells.  What are some of the tough ones... well. The hardest is certainly Cry in the Night. Can ONLY learn it from Oversouled Mega Tonberry.. and only when it is at critical HP. Not the easiest thing when you're at kind of mid levels with only Gun Mages. Thankfully, I learned MOST of these in the Fiend Arena. This is good because you can literally just kill yourself off after learning the move.. which REALLY helps with Supernova... best way to learn that one is to unlock Paragon in the arena and then hope it uses Big Bang on you... this teaches you Supernova for some reason. Don't know why, but it all works. The only Blue Bullet I didn't learn in the Fiend Arena was Fire Breath... for some reason, I could never get that team to even show up in the tournament... ah well, was easy enough to learn out in the thunder plains.

VERY exciting news today. Square Enix announced two new Android/iOS Final Fantasy games... the first one is Final Fantasy Legends which looks to be some kind of Radiant Historia esque Final Fantasy game... looks to be decent... of course it pales in comparison to what is behind Door #2...

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius... oh... I can't..... WAIT... for this one. How the heck Square Enix and Alim managed to team up is beyond me, but this is going to be AWESOME!!! For those of you don't know... Brave Frontier is THE best Free to Play RPG that exists on Android/iOS... hands down. They are a team that puts out more content than would really seem possible and have managed to do it with a great level of customer service, and without making a game that is reliant on its microtransactions... if they can carry all this over into a game with the full breadth of the Final Fantasy Universe behind it... well...  it could be completely awesome. Should be completely awesome....

and what about agito, is that still coming??? 3 Final Fantasy games on Android/iOS in Early 2015??? We will see!

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