Sunday, November 30, 2014

Day #569 Recap (X-2 Last Mission)

Current Game(s): Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission, Final Fantasy XI

Current Play Time(Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission): ~8:00
Current Play Time(Final Fantasy X-2): ~138:00 (still need to get this)
Current Play Time(Final Fantasy XI): ~183:00 (+)
Total Play Time - 1,357:34 (+)

Current Deaths(FF XI) - 51
Current Deaths(Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission): 0
Total Game Overs: 72

Where I Currently Am(FF X-2 Last Mission): Floor 49 (DRK 12/GUN 17/GNM 4/WHM 3/FES 3)

Where I Currently Am(FF XI): Windurst Mission 9-1! (Current Levels RDM 86/DNC 43(50)... BLM 50... THF 30)

Stuff Did Today (FF X-2 Last Mission): All the way up to Floor 49... still no replacement Restart Guide... boo... ran out of space in the vault... boo... switched over to Dark Knight and reaped the rewards... yay!

After Level 40... the girls take another break... and this time IT IS ON!!! Rikku can't believe that Yuna has been wasting her time away on Besaid... she needs to keep busy busy busy, and doesn't understand how Yuna can be doing nothing. Yuna, however, reiterates that she just wants to live a normal life. She doesn't feel like she's wasting it away... and Paine has to step in between the two of them... It never used to be this way... is what Paine says about all this.

Stuff Did Today (FF XI): None

Status & Notes: 

So... honestly, by the end of yesterday, I'd been pretty much exclusively using Black Sky as my attack. I've had a good chance for Magic up on a level up since the beginning of the game, and now my Magic is like 45 while my physical attack is at about 15. The main reason for this is increasing Gunner levels doesn't affect physical attack, and I've needed to focus on levelling it up for HP boosts...

Now, Dark Knight gets much more HP/level and also gets a Magic Point for each level (if it's your active class). It's main attack is based off of Physical... but Black Sky is a magical based attack... hits the whole room, and just uses your BASE HP as a cost... My level for Yuna is now over 40... so my HP is well over 300. I can use Black Sky a few times before needing to heal, and with my magic so high, I heal to full with one Curaga.... Black Sky is also useful for clearing a room from multiple enemies... as well as bosses... since it seems to be about 12 hits divided among all the enemies in a room... but hey, that's like 600 HP off of a single enemy if there's only one in the room.

Unfortunately, I haven't found another restart guide... which I'd like since I'd like to start going back to try and get the different secret rooms. I have a secret room guide and a few Notebooks to copy them... the interesting thing is I actually CAN believe now that the game is beatable on a first runthrough... and yes, I do know, that you can pretty much run floors 77-79 infinitely if you want so EVENTUALLY you'll find whatever you need... I'm hoping it doesn't get to that though.

Today is going to be more christmas decorating... I'm thinking though there should be some more time to get some stuff done... may be an XI day though as opposed to Last Mission... we'll see how it goes...

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