Saturday, November 22, 2014

Day #561 Recap

Current Game(s): Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XI

Current Play Time(Final Fantasy X-2): ~138:00
Current Play Time(Final Fantasy XI): ~183:00
Total Play Time - 1,349:34 (+)

Current Game Overs(FF X-2) - 10
Current Deaths(FF XI) - 51
Total Game Overs: 72

Where I Currently Am(FF X-2):  Just gotta go beat Vegnagun again. (100% Complete, Bestiary *100*% Complete)

Where I Currently Am(FF XI): Windurst Mission 6-2! Of course... gonna need to do some levelling...(Current Levels RDM 85/DNC 42(50)... BLM 50... THF 30)

Stuff Did Today (FF X-2): None

Stuff Did Today (FF XI): Capped out my XP at 1 below level 86... then started getting myself some Merit Points... made it up to 11... need 15...

Status & Notes: 

I don't quite understand why to gain more exp... you need to gain more exp... it sounds kind of counter-intuitive... especially since it makes it harder to.... ya know... SPEND your Merit Points, which is their point... but whatever, I don't make the rules, I just play the game.

Speaking of which, not looking like there's going to be much play time today... boo...

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