Sunday, December 7, 2014

Day #575 Recap (X-2 Last Mission)

Current Game(s): Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission, Final Fantasy XI

Current Play Time(Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission): ~11:00
Current Play Time(Final Fantasy XI): ~183:00 (+)
Total Play Time - 1,386:44 (+)

Current Deaths(FF XI) - 51
Current Deaths(Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission): 0
Total Game Overs: 72

Where I Currently Am(FF X-2 Last Mission): Floor 41 (Yuna Lv 70/ DRK 48/GUN 22/LDL 15/WHM 9/GNM 6)

Where I Currently Am(FF XI): Windurst Mission 9-2! (Current Levels RDM 90/DNC 45(50)... BLM 50... THF 30)

Stuff Did Today (FF X-2 Last Mission): Made it to Floor 41, where I tried using some secret rooms again. Found the last secret room, and when I opened it up... ah, the glorious sight of a 4xDressmaker book, and the 2xCopy Techniques book... so, levelled my Dark Knight up to Level 99, found the last opened corridor and on to the Mega Tonberry room!!! These guys have a lot of HP but with about 167 Magic rating, you can take em down... just takes a few Black Skies... however... umm... no trophy??? Sigh... guess we're not keeping that save file...

Stuff Did Today (FF XI): Just a little grinding.... RDM up to 90

Status & Notes: 

Interesting day... I was curious to see whether or not I would be able to take on the Mega Tonberries where I was. If I would need to Doom them, or if I could actually deal enough damage... apparently I could. It is a very odd room they are in, somehow the graphics on the floor kind of mess up how Black Sky works in there... which in a weird way is kind of helpful here, since it lets you take them down one by one, which is preferable here.

Now, apparently you NEED to beat the Mega Tonberry room when you're in floor 61 or above for some reason... why? I don't know... The fact is, though, I'm probably pretty good to go for the rest of this playthrough... its just a matter of getting through to Floor 80 now... and then I can concentrate on XI a bit...

There is something I do want to try coming up on Floor 44 though...

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