Monday, December 1, 2014

Day #570 Recap (X-2 Last Mission)

Current Game(s): Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission, Final Fantasy XI

Current Play Time(Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission): ~8:00
Current Play Time(Final Fantasy X-2): ~138:00 (still need to get this)
Current Play Time(Final Fantasy XI): ~183:00 (+)
Total Play Time - 1,357:34 (+)

Current Deaths(FF XI) - 51
Current Deaths(Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission): 0
Total Game Overs: 72

Where I Currently Am(FF X-2 Last Mission): Floor 49 (DRK 12/GUN 17/GNM 4/WHM 3/FES 3)

Where I Currently Am(FF XI): Windurst Mission 9-2! (Current Levels RDM 86/DNC 43(50)... BLM 50... THF 30)

Stuff Did Today (FF X-2 Last Mission): None

Stuff Did Today (FF XI): So, we were once again summoned by Apururu. Ajido-Marujido has woken up and he remembers everything from the book. We must immediately see the Star Sibyl... the Star Sibyl, however, has been followed by that creepy guy we saw in Ro'Maeve. We get there and confront the Star Sibyl about what's been happening.

So, during the Shadow War, twenty years ago. The Star Sibyl performed a Moon Reading... and what he saw was destruction. So, she went to visit the beast of the moon, Fenrir to see what could be done. The Star Sibyl merely cowered in front of the great beast. However, Karuha-Baruha invented summoning... and tried to use its power on Fenrir, to change the fate of Windurst. The end result was the passing of Fenrir from the world, and the loss of the power of the Stars and Moon from Windurst.

Apparently, since then, the Star Sibyl has been making false prophecies since the Full Moon Fountain is empty, and the Star Spring possesses no power. Ajido-Marujido notes that Fenrir said there was a path of light still available. Star Sibyl allows Ajido-Marujido to look through Karuha-Baruha's research and pardons him completely.

Meanwhile, the manustary has received a letter from the Boyadha Tree... apparently someone is held prisoner there, and we are to check it out... so we travel out there through the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah... and climb up until we found some Elder Groobbues. We defeated them for some Humus... and took it over to the wardens of the jail found near the bottom of the tree.. Inside the cell, we found Zonpa-Zippa... the father of Apururu and Ajido-Marujido.

Zonpa-Zippa created the Cardians... an army of them. He couldn't control them all himself, so he created a hiercrchy of sorts, making the Ace cardians as generals of the army. Karuha-Baruha used this template to create the Joker, kind of an overlord of sorts. When Karuha-Baruha died, the Joker was deactivated and the Ace Cardians didn't know what to do. The Ace cardians decided to bring Joker back to life... however since Joker's life force is tied to Karuha-Baruha's... well, we have an undead Tarutaru on our hands...

We return to the Manustary and Apururu and Ajido-Marujido are shocked to learn their father is still alive. They also don't know how Joker was brought to life to begin with as it takes a HUGE amount of energy. They realize that Karuha-Baruha was trying to completely enslave Fenrir... and the Star Sibyl may be in danger!

Over at Full Moon Fountain, the Star Sibyl was praying... when the entire Cardian army shows up... uh-oh. Apparently the Star Sibyl wished for Karuha-Baruha's help at some point and the small amount of star power left heard the wish... well Joker comes along... and apparently wants to help restore the power of the Stars and Moon to Windurst, and needs our help and the help of the Star Sibyl...

Status & Notes: 

So... down to *1* mission to go for Windurst! Hooray! I took some time to try and kill some stuff around Boyadha Tree... honestly wasn't that difficult... which is nice... however, it did still seem slower than GoV training in Bostianeux... but who knows, I may need a change of scenery soon. Also, you can REALLY make some good money there... got some items that sold for 6.5k gil each from the Grobbues... anyway, though... I don't see myself doing the last mission until I hit level 95... so I have some work to do...

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