Thursday, December 25, 2014

Day #604 Recap (Final Fantasy XI)

Current Game(s): Final Fantasy XI

Current Play Time(Final Fantasy XI): 255:27  (+)
Total Play Time - 1,465:57  (+)

Current Deaths(FF XI) - 54
Total Game Overs: 72

Where I Currently Am(FF XI): Done with Windurst Missions... On to Rise of the Zilart!!!
Current Levels: RDM 99/DNC 49(50)... BLM 50... THF 30.
Current skill levels/Desired skill levels:

Sword(376/335)  (+)
Elemental(326/315)  (+)
Enfeebling(384/361)  (+)
Healing(199/305)  (+)
Dark(235/255)  (+)
Enhancing(248/341)  (+)

Stuff Did Today (FF XI): So, it is time to rescue the Star Sibyl from Joker!!! We realized that Joker is actually the soul of Karuha-Baruha that had done the complete summoning of Fenrir. However, the soul of Fenrir is so big that it actually completely consumed Karuha-Baruha. So, Apururu devised a plan to deactivate the remaining cardians. First, though, we needed to go along with Joker's request to ensure the Star Sibyl's safety.

So, we had to find three verses of an ancient song that would release the power of the stars and moon. We travelled far and wide... first we stopped at Ro'Maeve where we collected a verse from that fountain we first saw the dead Karuha-Baruha. Next, we headed to the temple of Uggalepih, collected a key from a tonberry, and then got a verse within a library. Finally, we headed to the Altepa desert, where the Quicksand Caves lay underneath. First, we collected a stone from the Earth Protocrystal and gave it to a goblin along with a meteorite from back in West Sarutabaruta. This gave us a lodestone we'd need to open some doors in the Quicksand Caves.

We returned to the Quicksand Caves and made it deep underground to the Chamber of Oracles. Here, the last verse lied. With the three verses, we returned to the Full Moon fountain. We sang the verses and the energy began to release. Next, the Ace cardians attacked... with our Level 99 powers, they fell amazingly easily. With this done, Apururu deactivated the rest of the cardians... The undead Karuha-Baruha didn't enjoy that so he unleashed a wyvern and manticore on us... Ajido-Marujido joined in and together(after like 7 tries) we took them down! Power returned to the Full Moon Fountain and the great beast Fenrir was released... Windurst was saved, but the Star Sibyl lost her powers to perform Moon and Star readings... the future was no longer in view.

Status & Notes: 

Okay, let's talk the last quest here. The running around part isn't that bad... its a good way of getting some more practice learning the Temple of Uggalepih as well as an introduction to the Quicksand Caves. That's all well and good. Some easy farming for the key to the Quickand Cave... as for the last fight. Well, that's a different story. At level 99, I had WAY more power than necessary. Taking out the 4 ace cardians was incredibly quick... I didn't even compile 3000 TP any time I took them out. Phase 2, however, is just annoying. Ajido-Marujido joins in the fight and if he dies anytime, the fight is over and you have to start all over. Now, he dies in about 4 or 5 times and seems to love to gain threat on whatever one you're not fighting. Eventually, I got good at just hitting the wyvern and switching over to the manticore real quick. I was able to get hate on both and take them down quickly enough.

Next? Well, I'm going to move right in to the Rise of the Zilart missions. I know at some point, they lead to some boss fights... I don't know if they're soloable at all... I guess we'll find out... but there's a bunch to do before that.

Race update... Crumps is in Disc II of FF VII, just past the reunion part. So, still a ways to go. Cereth finished FF VIII today... so he'll be on to FF IX tomorrow, making some good progress. Apparently, IX is another game that he speedruns... though I have no idea if he is planning on doing that with this game.

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