Saturday, December 20, 2014

Day #599 Recap (Final Fantasy XI)

Current Game(s): Final Fantasy XI

Current Play Time(Final Fantasy XI): 241:39 +
Total Play Time - 1,452:09 +

Current Deaths(FF XI) - 54
Total Game Overs: 72

Where I Currently Am(FF XI): Windurst Mission 9-2!
Current Levels: RDM 95/DNC 47(50)... BLM 50... THF 30.
Current skill levels/Desired skill levels:
Sword(351/335) +
Elemental(325/315) +
Enfeebling(366/361) +
Healing(184/305) +
Dark(221/255) +
Enhancing(242/341) +

Stuff Did Today (FF XI): So, with 3 Olde Rarab Tails in hand I headed over to Waughroon Shrine and entered the battleground, ready to take on Atori-Tutori,,, I entered... and got friggin destroyed!!! Luckily, I didn't even attempt to use any of the tails since my tank got killed before I even finished applying debuffs. So... yeah, I decided it would be better off getting a few more tails... 3 more to be precise... so... first stop, back to Dangruf Wadi, where I headed to the back and got 3 more Fossilized Fangs off of the crabs and monkeys. With that out of the way, back to Ranguemont Pass where I took on the Ahrimans and bats,,, this one took a little longer, but on my last pull of the day I managed to get my 3rd and final Fossilized Bone... we'll try this in the morning...

Status & Notes: 

So, this is going to be a little tougher than I thought... thankfully, we can just basically farm our way to victory... I hope... I was definitely surprised I lost my tank as quickly as I did. That's including a 50% buff I'm currently getting from an event... so, yeah. Fun times...

Still haven't done my testing on XII yet. I'll get to it sometime. If I had to guess I'll start my playthrough soon after the new year... why wait that long? Well, I did just get 10 free days to WoW... and I would like to play through some of the new content... its been like over a year since I last really played any WoW... so, interested to see the new stuff.

Over in the race department... Cereth has gotten his legs under him in Tactics... not saying he knows it well... like he still doesn't really understand how you unlock all the classes and what not... but I think he's done in wiping a ton...

Crumps on the other hand... well... yikes. Sure, he's powering up and clearing out missions, but he STILL does not understand the mechanincs of Materia Fusion... at least the parts about raising your stats... I mean, I figured that part out right near the beginning of the game... He's still got an Atk of like 130 and a Vit of like 60... so... things are hitting him hard... REALLY hard.... Oh, yeah, he's going to be a bit surprised to realize he's NOT going to be able to do ALL the missions... some are unlocked through in-game events... and are permanently missable... at least none of them have anything THAT important... seriously though... if he can't figure out stat grinding on materia, he's going to be on this for another FEW days.

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