Monday, March 31, 2014

Day #325 Recap

Current Game(s): Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Final Fantasy X

Current Play Time(Tactics Advance): 15:08
Current Play Time(Final Fantasy X): 14:45
Total Play Time - 681:55

Current Game Overs(Tactics Advance) - 0
Current Game Overs(FF X) - 0
Total Game Overs: 60

Where I Currently Am(Tactics Advance): Roda Volcano
Where I Currently Am(FF X): Guadosalam

Stuff Did Today(Final Fantasy Tactics): One silly random fight

Stuff Did Today(FF X): Journeyed to the Moonflow and met Belgemine on the way. She challenged us to another Aeon fight, which this time I won handily. Next I got to the moonflow and as we tried to travel across, an Al Bhed took Yuna underwater and stuck her in a machina which Tidus and Wakka took care of. On the other side of the Moonflow, we met the Al Bhed who attacked us, it was Rikku! So, no one seemed to care that she tried to kill us and instead the girls went off and decided that Rikku was going to join our party... okay... anyway, we made it to Guadosalam. Here, we had dinner with Seymour. Seymour showed us a sphere representation of 1000 year old Zanarkand, so maybe Lulu and Wakka will believe Tidus... then Seymour asked Yuna to marry him, basically so the residents of Spira could enjoy some tabloid fodder while Sin destroyed everything. We went to the Farplane to think about it, there we talked to some images of dead people. Auron didn't want to come in, because he's dead already... as we were leaving we found Seymour's father and had to send him... apparently he had an unclean death... hmm... so, its time to head off to the Thunder Plains towards Macalania Temple

Status & Notes:
Some really great redone cinematics today. The one where they're going through the Farplane especailly. The depth of the palette they use is really amazing. Very beautiful. Also, while I'm giving props, the Zanarkand cinematic where we're in the sphere is pretty nice as well.

Oh right, I wasn't supposed to have playtime on FFX today... well, funny thing. We went to watch our netflix copy of Identity Thief and we loaded it up, the Universal logo thing played and then nothing... very odd, I've never had a complete DUD Blu-Ray before... sure I've gotten ones that were cracked or something like that, but never one that just looked fine and then completely didn't play... so I decided to take advantage and get some FFX time in.

One thing I want to talk about, which I'll talk about again WAY down the line is an interesting dichotomy of opinions. On one side you have Final Fantasy X, which is praised more often than not for its gameplay and story. On the other side, we have Final Fantasy XIII, which really is reviled... and what's the most common reason that people give? The linearity of it. Well, let's just take a look at the game we are currently playing. It too, is basically 25-30 hours of nothing but a straight line until we get the airship. Why is one loved and one reviled. Is it because Final Fantasy X has more of a collection of areas... roads, temples, and towns with actual shops and buildings.... while Final Fantasy XIII is a bit more compressed??? I'm just pointing out this interesting little fact. Obviously, we'll have to go more in depth into this when we get to FF XIII.

As for today's goals... well, most certainly I want to finish what I set out to do yesterday and finish training up my new moogle in Tactics Advance... I may actually get some FF X play time today too... so, if I do, great, we'll make it at least through the Thunder Plains, if not to Macalania Temple


  1. Hey, you aren't supposed to know that Auron is unsent yet. There are clues but the idea of "dead people can still walk around in Spira" hasn't been introduced yet. :P

  2. That's a tricky one. I mean, no, they don't OVERTLY tell you...but I mean the "clues" are about as blunt as can be without telling you. You have Seymour telling Auron he smells of the farplane...then ya know 5 minutes later, the whole Jyscal incident. So... really I'd conclude that the player may very well know... Tidus certainly doesn't know... but that section gets filled in from the PoV of the player not the main character