Monday, September 29, 2014

Day #507 Recap

Current Game(s): Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XI

Current Play Time(Final Fantasy X-2): 65:21 (+)
Current Play Time(Final Fantasy XI): 53:18
Total Play Time - 1,137:13 (+)

Current Game Overs(FF X-2) - 4
Current Deaths(FF XI) - 8
Total Game Overs: 67

Where I Currently Am(FF X-2): Chapter 5!!! Creature Creator Time... Part 1 (82% Complete, Bestiary 68% Complete)

Where I Currently Am(FF XI): Windurst Mission 3-2... or at least doing the prep for it... ugh... this is going to take longer than I thought

Stuff Did Today (FF X-2): Finished up the Fiend's Tales for Zalamander, Volcano, Tindalos, Dark Elemental, and Dolmen... then just caught the rest of the new fiends I can do before sidequests

Stuff Did Today (FF XI): Did my reputation grinding for Windurst and started the Rhinostery quest chain.

Status & Notes: 

Well, this mission is going to be harder than I thought. Yeah, I found the quest you need to get past the door without using 3 mages or someone with a portal key sure... however, I missed the part where you need to go through a bit of a quest chain with the Rhinostery. The problem is, one of these quests is VERY difficult. Like I'm going to need to be somewhere in my 60s to do it. Well, the only other option is to hang out in Jeuno and see if I can get someone to help me... which I might do, I don't know. Either way. This is certainly not turning out to be the type of game where I care if I'm doing a quest or mission on level or not. Again, the questing and levelling seems to be completely separate, and as long as you are powerful enough to complete the quest that is all that matters... quite a bit of a difference from WoW.

In X-2, I was able to grind up a few monsters, about half of what I need for right now. Once I'm done, we'll do the Thunder Plains and open up the cave. I'm not planning on doing Via Infinito as early as it they have it in the walkthrough... there's nothing that really makes it mandatory to do it this early in chapter 5, and I'd much rather do all the easier stuff before I go all the way through there. The next big chunk of monsters will be after we unlock Cactuar Hollow.

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