Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day #39 Recap (FF III)

Current Game: Final Fantasy III
Current Play Time - 18:16
Total Play Time: 78:46
Total Game Overs: 6

Where I Currently Am: Bahamut's Lair
Bosses Killed Today: Doga, Unei, Aeon, Shinobi, Titan, Leviathan

Current Setup:

Luneth - Lv 47
Current Job: Ninja Lv 4
Other Jobs: Knight 24, Warrior Lv 36, Freelancer: Lv 16, Dragoon Lv 3, Dark Knight: Lv 99
Str: 37 Agi: 53 Vit: 35 Int: 28 Mnd: 28
Atk: 215 Def: 63 MgD: 38
Equipment: Lust Dagger, Kotetsu, Chakra Band, Black Belt Gi, Power Bracers
Lv 1: Poisona, Cure, Fire
Lv 2: Thunder

Arc - Lv 47
Current Job: Summoner Lv 41
Other Jobs: Black Mage Lv 60, Freelancer: Lv 10, Dragoon: Lv 78
Str: 24 Agi: 26 Vit: 28 Int: 49 Mnd: 50
Atk: 60 Def: 52 MgD: 74
Equipment: Golem Staff, Golem Staff, Feathered Hat, Black Robe, Rune Bracers
Lv 1: Escape
Lv 2: Icen
Lv 3: Spark
Lv 4: Heatra
Lv 5: Hyper
Lv 6: Catastro
Lv 7: Leviath

Refia - Lv 47
Current Job: Devout: Lv 41
Other Jobs: Freelancer: Lv 9, Dragoon Lv 4, Red Mage Lv 99, Geomancer: Lv 24
Str: 26 Agi: 32 Vit: 34 Int: 36 Mnd: 60
Atk: 50 Def: 59 MgD: 79
Equipment: Ice Rod, Light Rod, Feathered Hat, White Robe, Protect Ring
Lv 1: Poisona, Cure, Sight
Lv 2: Aero, Mini, Toad
Lv 3: Cura, Teleport, Blindna
Lv 4: Libra
Lv 5: Curaga, Raise, Protect
Lv 7: Curaja, Esuna, Reflect

Ingus - Lv 47
Current Job: Ninja: Lv 41
Other Jobs: Scholar Lv 36, Freelancer: Lv 12, Dragoon Lv 4, Viking Lv 31, Thief: Lv 93
Str: 39 Agi: 46 Vit: 28 Int: 28 Mnd: 28
Atk: 230 Def: 90 MgD: 51
Equipment: Kiku-Ichimonji, Kiku-Ichimonji, Genji Helm, Genji Armor, Genji Gloves
Lv 1: Fire, Blizzard, Cure
Lv 2: Thunder

Current Gil - 278k

Status + Notes

Progress!!! So today I have some things to talk about. First of all, Ive begun my final job training. Luneth is kind of splitting time between Dark Knight and Ninja, Ingus will be a pure Ninja, Refia will be a pure Devout, and Arc will split time between Summoner and Sage.

So, one thing I did not know about this game before this playthrough was the existence of the secret dungeon or the ??? dungeon. Whatever you want to call it. My goal for today is to unlock this dungeon. Sounds easy enough, except the requirements for unlocking it are fairly ridiculous. Let's list them

-Completion of Sara's Pendant sidequest
-Completion of Legendary Blacksmith sidequest
-At least one job at level 99
-Cleared Sunken Cave
-Killed Odin, Leviathan, and Bahamut
-Cleared Eureka
-80% Bestiary and Treasure rating

Seriously, wow. Fortunately I'm well on my way to doing this. My treasure rating is currently at 74 and Bestiary at 70. So, by the time I'm done with Bahamut's Lair and Eureka today, I should just have to do some minimal wandering around to get my bestiary completion high enough.

Then of course I'm going to have to grind a ton just to be able to live in that dungeon. But, you know, I'll prolly try it at a lowish level... not like I care about overgearing for Cloud of Darkness... I hate that endboss. Seriously... so many hours of my life wasted because of unfair deaths on her... this was well before this playthrough though.

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