Friday, June 21, 2013

Day #42 Recap (FF Dim)

Current Game: Final Fantasy Dimensions
Total Play Time - 90:12
Total Game Overs: 7

Where I Currently Am: In-between games
Bosses Killed Today: Iron Giant

Status + Notes

So, phew, finally got Iron Giant down. That is one true bonus boss. I love it. Took me a while, mostly had to grind alot to get my Viking to Level 99, and my bard a few levels to get the damage reduction up a bit. Here's the strategy I used...

Party: Viking(JLv 99), Ninja(JLv 99), Bard(JLv 30ish), Devout(JLv 99)

Viking Provokes every turn and tanks with two shields equipped, Ninja puts Turtle Shells on everyone and then Throws Shurikens with Genji shield and Muramasa equipped, Bard switches between singing Minne and Requiem every turn, Devout casts Curaja on all.

The key thing is to have everyone above 5500 hp. Really cuts down on dying. Even with these stats, My devout came really close to dying one turn. If I had done Black Belt levelling, I probably would've been able to do this a few levels earlier, but oh well.

So, I haven't even loaded up Dimensions yet, so I have no setup with which to post. Looking forward to getting started on it today, as well as putting my review of FF III up.

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