Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day #41 Recap (FF III)

Current Game: Final Fantasy III
Current Play Time - 26:44
Total Play Time: 87:14
Total Game Overs: 7

Where I Currently Am: Post-Game (??? Cave)
Bosses Killed Today: Xande, Cerebus, Two-Headed Dragon, Ahriman, Echidna, Cloud of Darkness

Current Setup:

Luneth - Lv 72
Current Job: Knight: Lv 48
Other Jobs: Warrior Lv 36, Freelancer: Lv 16, Dragoon Lv 3, Dark Knight: Lv 99, Ninja: 99
Str: 87 Agi: 54 Vit: 87 Int: 54 Mnd: 59
Atk: 295 Def: 108 MgD: 59
Equipment: Ultima Weapon, Ragnarok, Ribbon, Crystal Mail, Crystal Gloves
Lv 1: Poisona, Cure, Fire
Lv 2: Thunder

Arc - Lv 72
Current Job: Sage: Lv 70
Other Jobs: Black Mage Lv 60, Freelancer: Lv 10, Dragoon: Lv 78, Summoner: Lv 74, Black Belt: Lv 18
Str: 29 Agi: 29 Vit: 47 Int: 83 Mnd: 68
Atk: 118 Def: 65 MgD: 78
Equipment: Omnirod, Fire Rod, Ribbon, Black Robe, Rune Bracers
Lv 1: Escape, Cure, Poisona
Lv 2: Icen, Mini, Toad
Lv 3: Spark, Cura, Blizzara
Lv 4: Heatra, Blizzaga, Libra
Lv 5: Hyper, Curaga, Protect
Lv 6: Catastro, Haste, Bio
Lv 7: Leviath, Curaja, Esuna
Lv 8: Bahamur, Flare, Arise

Refia - Lv 72
Current Job: Sage: Lv 39
Other Jobs: Freelancer: Lv 9, Dragoon Lv 4, Red Mage Lv 99, Geomancer: Lv 24, Devout: Lv 99, Black Belt: Lv 18
Str: 31 Agi: 31 Vit: 49 Int: 68 Mnd: 79
Atk: 110 Def: 72 MgD: 83
Equipment: Elder Staff, Light Rod, Ribbon, White Robe, Protect Ring
Lv 1: Poisona, Cure, Sight
Lv 2: Aero, Mini, Toad
Lv 3: Cura, Teleport, Blindna
Lv 4: Libra, Silence, Confuse
Lv 5: Curaga, Raise, Protect
Lv 6: Aeroga, Haste
Lv 7: Curaja, Esuna, Reflect
Lv 8: Holy, Arise, Tornado

Ingus - Lv 57
Current Job: Viking: Lv 55
Other Jobs: Scholar Lv 36, Freelancer: Lv 12, Dragoon Lv 4, Viking Lv 31, Thief: Lv 99, Ninja: Lv 99, Dark Knight: Lv 39
Str: 79 Agi: 34 Vit: 59 Int: 34 Mnd: 39
Atk: 237 Def: 108 MgD: 59
Equipment: Dual Haken, Platinum Hammer, Ribbon, Crystal Mail, Crystal Gloves
Lv 1: Fire, Blizzard, Cure
Lv 2: Thunder

Current Gil - 2,415k
Current Shurikens: 5

Status + Notes

Came to a realization as I went and tried the Iron Giant at level 70. There really are only three options for beating this guy.
1. Be high enough level that a viking can withstand all 4 attacks and live
2. Have 4 Ribbons
3. Farm at least 3 Onion Helms and be high enough level that you can use them.

Strangely enough, I could find very little info on what actually happens when you clear the game on the PSP. So, I went in to Sylx tower and kind of prayed. You have to understand. This is probably the longest final dungeon run in the entire series. There are no save points, and you can't teleport out once you start the final boss gauntlet. So, you have to go through a 45 minute dungeon, a long cut scene, a 5 boss gauntlet, and then the final boss. Its the only way to get ribbons since 3 of them are IN the gauntlet.

So, I wish I had known this sooner, so I could've done Cloud of Darkness at slightly lower level... Level 72 is a bit of overkill. I would've liked mid 60s I think. Even then it probably could've been done with just a single healer. Oh well, that dumb cloud wiped me a few times in my earlier times playing through the game, and here's a little secret. That's the first time I've actually beaten her. Yeah,  I've rage quitted this game on the final boss twice I think.

So you may be wondering why I'm not posting completion data. Well, since the party stays the same, there's no real reason to not wait until the post game stuff... well the one thing in this game is actually complete. The Iron Giant is going down today no ifs, ands, or buts. So be prepared for that completion data sometime today, so I can finally give the PSP some rest for a couple of weeks.

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