Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day #43 Recap (FF Dim)

Current Game: Final Fantasy Dimensions
Current Play Time: 1:19
Total Play Time - 91:31
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 7

Where I Currently Am: Chapter 1 - Mount Lux
Bosses Killed Today: Manatoise, Watchbeast

Current Setup:

Nacht: Lv 9 - Jobless
HP: 151 MP: 40
Str: 14 Spd: 16 Vit: 12 Int: 7 Mnd: 7
Atk: 39 Acc: 101 Eva: 12 Def: 11 Res: 3

Equipment: Bronze Shield, Iron Sword, Bronze Helm, Bronze Armor

Sarah: Lv 5 - Jobless
HP: 73 MP: 36
Str: 10 Spd: 12 Vit: 10 Int: 9 Mnd: 9
Atl: 29 Acc: 86 Eva: 12 Def: 9 Res: 5

Equipment: Whip, Bronze Shield, Feathered Cap, Bronze Hauberk

Alba: Lv 8 - Jobless
HP: 113 MP: 47
Str: 11 Spd: 11 Vit: 11 Int: 15 Mnd: 11
Atk: 27 Acc: 81 Eva: 0 Def: 6 Res: 7

Equipment: Metal Rod, Pointy Hat, Silk Robe

Black Magic:
Lv 1: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder
Lv 2: Poison, Sleep, Toad

Dusk: Lv 8 - Jobless
HP: 119 MP: 44
Str: 11 Spd: 11 Vit: 11 Int: 11 Mnd: 15
Atk: 28 Acc: 91 Eva: 0 Def: 6 Res: 7

Equipment: Oak Staff, Pointy Hat, Silk Robe

White Magic:
Lv 1: Cure, Libra, Poisona
Lv 2: Slow, Silence, Mini

Status + Notes

Its Final Fantasy on a phone! So, this is the first game I'm playing completely blind, and so far, not bad. You may be wondering why I decided to play such a new game in the franchise now. And the reason is that thematically and structurally, the game fits VERY well between FF III and FF IV. It has a job system akin to Final Fantasy III, though with a few refinements, it has the ATB of FF IV, with graphics similar to FF IV. The control is an interesting decision. There are sometimes I wish you could just touch where you want to go, or drag or something, but the D-pad concept certainly works, and I find myself getting more used to some of its intracacies as I play.

As for my setup, I did not write down everyone's stats after the prologue, though I think when I get further in, I will list everyone. But for now, it will just be my current party.

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