Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day #40 Recap (FF III)

Current Game: Final Fantasy III
Current Play Time - 22:19
Total Play Time: 82:49
Total Game Overs: 6

Where I Currently Am: Sylx Tower
Bosses Killed Today: Bahamut, Ninja, Amon, Kunoichi, General, Scylla, Guardian

Current Setup:

Luneth - Lv 57
Current Job: Ninja Lv 76
Other Jobs: Knight 24, Warrior Lv 36, Freelancer: Lv 16, Dragoon Lv 3, Dark Knight: Lv 99
Str: 51 Agi: 77 Vit: 40 Int: 37 Mnd: 37
Atk: 272 Def: 92 MgD: 59
Equipment: Masamune, Muramasa, Genji Helm, Fuma Garb, Genji Gloves
Lv 1: Poisona, Cure, Fire
Lv 2: Thunder

Arc - Lv 57
Current Job: Summoner Lv 50
Other Jobs: Black Mage Lv 60, Freelancer: Lv 10, Dragoon: Lv 78, Sage: Lv 60
Str: 28 Agi: 30 Vit: 32 Int: 70 Mnd: 55
Atk: 118 Def: 52 MgD: 74
Equipment: Omnirod, Fire Rod, Feathered Hat, Black Robe, Rune Bracers
Lv 1: Escape, Cure, Poisona
Lv 2: Icen, Mini, Toad
Lv 3: Spark, Cura, Blizzara
Lv 4: Heatra, Blizzaga, Libra
Lv 5: Hyper, Curaga, Protect
Lv 6: Catastro, Haste, Bio
Lv 7: Leviath, Curaja, Esuna
Lv 8: Bahamur, Flare, Arise

Refia - Lv 57
Current Job: Sage: Lv 12
Other Jobs: Freelancer: Lv 9, Dragoon Lv 4, Red Mage Lv 99, Geomancer: Lv 24, Devout: Lv 99
Str: 26 Agi: 26 Vit: 40 Int: 55 Mnd: 66
Atk: 110 Def: 72 MgD: 79
Equipment: Elder Staff, Light Rod, Ribbon, White Robe, Protect Ring
Lv 1: Poisona, Cure, Sight
Lv 2: Aero, Mini, Toad
Lv 3: Cura, Teleport, Blindna
Lv 4: Libra, Silence, Confuse
Lv 5: Curaga, Raise, Protect
Lv 6: Aeroga, Haste
Lv 7: Curaja, Esuna, Reflect
Lv 8: Holy, Arise, Tornado

Ingus - Lv 57
Current Job: Dark Knight: Lv 6
Other Jobs: Scholar Lv 36, Freelancer: Lv 12, Dragoon Lv 4, Viking Lv 31, Thief: Lv 99, Ninja: Lv 99
Str: 61 Agi: 67 Vit: 61 Int: 47 Mnd: 47
Atk: 295 Def: 106 MgD: 54
Equipment: Murakumo, Ultima Weapon, Crystal Helm, Genji Armor, Crystal Gloves
Lv 1: Fire, Blizzard, Cure
Lv 2: Thunder

Current Gil - 302k
Current Shurikens: 9

Status + Notes

So yes, that was indeed a lot of play time, but it was well worth it. I've pretty much done all the job level grinding I need to do, went around and fleshed out my spell list for my casters, finished sidequests, and generally kicked butt.

The only problem is that after all that, I'm still way underlevelled. And that's even if all I wanted to do was go clear Sylx Tower and beat the game. I'd want to be in the low 60s at least for that. The fact that I want to go beat the Iron Giant in the ??? cave as well just makes this even more complicated. Basically all I have left to do is grind. And, unfortunately there's no bosses that give better drops or anything. Yeah, I guess I could try and find some King Behemoths and get some protect rings... and I may do that, but otherwise, I've got all the equipment I really need. The one thing I miss from FF II, I can't believe I'm even saying that, is having the rare drops to go after while grinding...

So, my goal really is to get to the upper 60s today, which gives me a shot to go after the bosses tomorrow. Which would put me finishing this on Day 42, which keeps me on pace. Going to be tough.

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