Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Day #166 Recap (FF V Postgame)

Current Game: Final Fantasy V Advance

Current Play Time: 43:21
Total Play Time - 332:01
Current Game Overs - 5
Total Game Overs: 27

Where I Currently Am: Around the World...
Bosses Killed Today: Enuo, Cloister of the Dead

Current Setup:

Bartz - Freelancer - Lv 67
Other Jobs: *All*
HP: 6242 MP: 581
Str: 64 Agi: 48 Sta: 65 Mag: 66
Atk: 335 Def: 42 Eva: 0 MgD: 7

Equipment: Ultima Weapon, Apocalypse, Ribbon, Maximillian, Hyper Wrist

Lenna - Freelancer - Lv 67
Other Jobs: *All*
HP: 6095 MP: 600
Str: 56 Agi: 47 Sta: 56 Mag: 69
Atk: 282 Def: 32 Eva: 10 MgD: 10

Equipment: Mutsunokami, Ragnarok, Ribbon, Vishnu Vest, Sorcerer's Mantle

Krile - Freelancer - Lv 67
Other Jobs: *All*
HP: 6021 MP: 593
Str: 58 Agi: 49 Sta: 55 Mag: 69
Atk: 272 Def: 30 Eva: 0 MgD: 32

Equipment: Ragnarok, Longinus, Ribbon, Robe of Lords, Chaos Orb

Faris - Freelancer - Lv 67
Other Jobs: *All*
HP: 6168 MP: 587
Str: 58 Agi: 51 Sta: 57 Mag: 77
Atk: 245 Def: 26 Eva: 0 MgD: 36

Equipment: Dragon Lance, Kagenui, Ribbon, Black Robe, Crystal Orb


White Magic: 
Lv 1: Cure, Libra, Poisona
Lv 2: Silence, Protect, Mini
Lv 3: Cura, Raise, Confuse
Lv 4: Blink, Shell, Esuna
Lv 5: Curaga, Reflect, Berserk
Lv 6: Arise, Dispel, Holy

Black Magic: 
Lv 1: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder
Lv 2: Poison, Sleep, Toad
Lv 3: Fira, Blizzara, Thundara
Lv 4: Drain, Break, Bio
Lv 5: Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga
Lv 6: Death, Osmose, Flare

Time Magic: 
Lv 1: Speed, Slow, Regen
Lv 2: Mute, Haste, Float
Lv 3: Gravity, Stop, Teleport
Lv 4: Comet, Slowga, Return
Lv 5: Graviga, Hastega, Old
Lv 6: Quick, Banish, Meteor

Summon Magic: 
Lv 1: Chocobo, Sylph, Remora
Lv 2: Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit
Lv 3: Titan, Golem, Catoblepas
Lv 4: Carbuncle, Syldra, Odin
Lv 5: Phoenix, Bahamut, Leviathan

Dark Arts: 
Lv 1: Drain Touch 

Blue Magic: Doom, Roulette, Aqua Breath, Level 5 Death, Level 4 Graviga, Level 2 Old, Level 3 Flare, Pond's Chorus, Lilliputian Lyric, Flash, Time Slip, Moon Flute, Death Claw, Aero, Aera, Aeroga, Flamethrower, Goblin Punch, Dark Spark, Off-Guard, Transfusion, Mind Blast, Vampire, Magic Hammer, Mighty Guard, Self-Destruct, ???, 1000 Needles, White Wind, Missile

Songs: Sinewy Etude, Swift Song, Mighty March, Mana's Paean, Hero's Rime, Requiem, Romeo's Ballad, Alluring Air

Status + Notes:

That's right Cloister of the Dead is one boss.... deal with it. Its just one boss with 30 phases... its like Garrosh Hellscream on crack... and easier.

So, all that's left for me to do is to make a Necromancer and get all the Dark arts... seriously. There's no more bosses or anything...

Enuo... actually kind of cool. Another boss you want FULL status immunity for. Ribbon + Angel Ring for the win... Yeah, confuse still stinks, but what can you do. So, yeah, I'm gonna get all the dark arts and then post my completion stats. Then on to Magitek...

Also, I figured I'd give some other equipment some nice blog time here...

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