Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day #174 Recap (FF VI)

Current Game: Final Fantasy VI Advance
Current Play Time: 9:25
Total Play Time - 342:12
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 27

Where I Currently Am: Cave to the Sealed Gate
Bosses Killed Today: Ifrit+Shiva, Number 024, Number 128, Crane(x2)

Current Setup:
Edgar - Machinist - Lv 25
HP: 1199 MP: 321
Str: 41 Agi: 30 Sta: 37 Mag: 31
Atk: 128 Def: 148 Eva: 24 MgD: 88 MgE: 1

Equipment: Icebrand, Golden Shield, Green Beret, Mythril Vest
Relics: Hero Ring, Peace Ring

Magic: Cure, Poisona, Regen, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Poison, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Libra, Slow, Rasp, Silence, Sleep, Confuse, Imp, Osmose

Level-Up Bonuses: Sta +1 (x2), HP +10% (x3), Str +1(x2)

Terra- Magitek Elite - Lv 23
HP: 884 MP: 340
Str: 31 Agi: 33 Sta: 28 Mag: 47
Atk: 110 Def: 135 Eva: 15 MgD: 107 MgE 17

Equipment: Bastard Sword, Mythril Shield, Priest's Miter, White Dress
Relics: Earring, Earring

Magic: Cure, Raise, Poisona, Fire, Drain, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara

Level-Up Bonuses: Magic +1 (x3)

Locke - Adventurer - Lv 25
HP: 1057 MP: 362
Str: 44 Agi: 47 Sta: 33 Mag: 28
Atk: 116 Def: 139 Eva: 25 MgD: 94 MgE: 12

Equipment: Boomerang, Mythril Shield, Priest's Miter, Ninja Gear
Relics: Brigand's Glove, Thief's Bracer

Magic: Cure, Cura, Poisona, Regen, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Thundara, Libra, Slow, Silence, Sleep, Haste, Reflect

Level-Up Bonuses: Sta +1 (x2), HP +10% (x2), Str+1 (x1), Str+2 (x2)

Cyan - Samurai - Lv 24
HP: 708 MP: 231
Str: 70 Agi: 28 Sta: 36 Mag: 26
Atk: 252 Def: 117 Eva: 16 MgD: 63 MgE: 1

Equipment: Tempest, Green Beret, Mythril Vest
Relics: Gauntlet, Hyper Wrist
Bushido: Fang, Sky, Tiger, Flurry, Dragon

Magic: Cure, Cura, Poisona, Regen, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Libra, Slow, Silence, Sleep, Confuse, Float, Imp

Level-Up Bonuses: Sta +1(x3), Mag +1(x1), HP +10%(x1), Str+1 (x1), Str+2 (x2)

Status & Notes:

Man, these dungeons are a lot longer than I remember them being. Oh well, its all good. Also, I forgot the esper cave came before the banquet. Again, my bad. Been a while since I played through this.

I want to thank mitch once again, for his little tip. I should be shuffling some party members around and will soon be trying it out.

I had a little error in the esper cave... accidentally leveled up Locke and Edgar with no bonus once... again, I'm not planning on redoing play time because of it, but if you see the math looking a bit wrong, that is why.

Today's goal... finish the esper cave, finish the banquet... get Strago I guess... boo, more Blue Magic to learn.

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