Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day #173 Recap (FF VI)

Current Game: Final Fantasy VI Advance
Current Play Time: 7:37
Total Play Time - 340:24
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 27

Where I Currently Am: Magitek Research Facility
Bosses Killed Today: Ultros

Current Setup:
Edgar - Machinist - Lv 20
HP: 784 MP: 248
Str: 39 Agi: 30 Sta: 36 Mag: 29
Atk: 118 Def: 141 Eva: 24 MgD: 83 MgE: 1

Equipment: Bastard Swird, Mythril Shield, Green Beret, Mythril Vest
Relics: Hero Ring, Peace Ring

Magic: Fire, Thunder, Poison, Slow, Silence, Sleep

Level-Up Bonuses: Sta +1 (x2), HP +10% (x2)

Celes - Rune Knight - Lv 20
HP: 680 MP: 289
Str: 34 Agi: 34 Sta: 31 Mag: 45
Atk: 114 Def: 137 Eva: 17 MgD: 105 MgE 19

Equipment: Bastard Sword, Mythril Shield, Priest's Miter, White Dress
Relics: Earring, Earring

Magic: Cure, Poisona, Blizzard, Thunder, Poison, Thundara, Libra, Confuse, Imp

Level-Up Bonuses: Magic +1 (x4)

Locke - Adventurer - Lv 20
HP: 694 MP: 280
Str: 37 Agi: 47 Sta: 33 Mag: 28
Atk: 116 Def: 139 Eva: 25 MgD: 94 MgE: 12

Equipment: Boomerang, Mythril Shield, Priest's Miter, Ninja Gear
Relics: Brigand's Glove, Thief's Bracer

Magic: Cure, Poisona, Regen, Libra,

Level-Up Bonuses: Sta +1 (x2), HP +10% (x2)

Cyan - Samurai - Lv 19
HP: 708 MP: 231
Str: 60 Agi: 28 Sta: 35 Mag: 26
Atk: 212 Def: 117 Eva: 16 MgD: 63 MgE: 1

Equipment: Forged, Green Beret, Mythril Vest
Relics: Gauntlet, Hyper Wrist
Bushido: Fang, Sky, Tiger, Flurry

Magic: Fire, Slow, Silence, Sleep, Confuse, Float, Imp

Level-Up Bonuses: Sta +1(x2), Mag +1(x1), HP +10%(x1)

Status & Notes:

Man did I really wanted to get farther today... oh well, one of the kids was having trouble sleeping... kind of makes progress difficult. Anyway, I did a bunch of grinding today, before the opera house...

Quick aside, when I first played FF VI. It probably took my friend and I about 6 tries to finish the opera house. Our problem, looking back was that, 1) We never used Locke heading into the Opera House. 2) Our damage was heavily reliant on Sabin's Fire Dance... which is not exactly the easiest thing to input successfully. Even now, I go through long stretches where I input it incorrectly. Hate that blitz...

So, back to progress. As you can see, I've got a healthy amount of level-up bonuses for everyone... accidentally gave 1 magic up to Cyan but that's not the biggest deal. So far, so good.

Today, defintiely through Magitek research and the Vesper Banquet... maybe even another dungeon... we'll see.

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  1. Easy Blitz input, perfect results every time:

    Any time you're supposed to hit a diagonal, hit either of the cardinal directions that make that diagonal instead. So Fire Dance could be inputted like LLDDR or LDDDR or LDDRR or LLDRR, etc. You'll never miss a blitz again.