Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day #169 Recap (FF VI)

Current Game: Final Fantasy VI Advance
Current Play Time: 3:00
Total Play Time - 335:47
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 27

Where I Currently Am: Phantom Train
Bosses Killed Today: None

Current Setup:
Sabin - Monk - Lv 13
HP: 324
Str: 47 Agi: 37 Sta: 39 Mag: 28
Atk: 81 Def: 117 Eva: 22 MgD: 63 MgE: 4

Equipment: Metal Knuckles, Buckler, Plumed Hat, Kenpo Gi

Shadow - Assassin - Lv 11
HP: 252
Str: 39 Agi: 40 Sta: 30 Mag: 33
Atk: 105 Def: 94 Eva: 28 MgD: 57 MgE 9

Equipment: Kunai, Ninja Gear

Terra - Magitek Elite - Lv 11
HP: 319
Str: 40 Agi: 28 Sta: 33 Mag: 25
Atk: 82 Def: 103 Eva: 16 MgD: 56 MgE: 1

Equipment: Ashura, Buckler, Leather Cap, Leather Armor

Stauts & Notes:

Yeah, didn't play very much I know... did finish Terra's scenario though and got a start on Sabin's... obviously. Was surprised when I realized there were no bosses in Terra's scenario. I guess keeping Banon alive is boss enough, oh well....

For those of you wondering.... yes, I am going to Suplex the Phantom Train... or did they fix that in this version???? I hope not.

Couple little notes, I fixed a couple of errors in the previous couple recaps. The Total time was off a bit, so I fixed that. Also, I added in a couple of bosses I forgot to note.

My goal for today? Eh, who knows. We'll see how far I get.

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