Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day #167 Recap (FF VI)

Current Game: Final Fantasy VI Advance

Current Play Time: 0:47
Total Play Time - 333:34
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 27

Where I Currently Am: South Figaro
Bosses Killed Today: Ymir, Marshall

Current Setup:
Edgar - Machinist - Lv 8
HP: 132
Str: 39 Agi: 30 Sta: 34 Mag: 29
Atk: 74 Def: 114 Eva: 14 MgD: 64 MgE: 1

Equipment: Great Sword, Heavy Shield, Plumed Hat, Leather Armor

Locke - Adventurer - Lv 8
HP: 168
Str: 37 Agi: 40 Sta: 31 Mag: 28
Atk: 52 Def: 116 Eva: 25 MgD: 69 MgE 2

Equipment: Mythril Sword, Heavy Shield, Plumed Hat, Kenpo Gi

Terra - Magitek Elite - Lv 7
HP: 136 MP: 61
Str: 31 Agi: 33 Sta: 28 Mag: 39
Atk: 66 Def: 110 Eva: 15 MgD: 77 MgE: 7

Equipment: Great Sword, Heavy Shield, Plumed Hat, Cotton Robe,
Relic: Sprint Shoes

Stauts & Notes:

Yay, new game! First of all, to clarify what I did in FF V yesterday. All I did was get all the Dark Arts spells. To do this you have to kill specific enemies... actually you need the Deathblow to come from a Necromancer... this includes a couple of enemies ALL the way at the end of the Sealed Temple... including the hardest random enemy in the game... Hades... he hurts... his Flare's power level is over 9000!!! What??? No, actually it hits for about 7500. Still, it hurts.

So! New Game! Lemme give you a little of MY history with this game. When this game came out, I had just finished Secret of Mana and had recently finished FF II with a friend and could not have been looking forward to this game more. We played the heck out of the game and beat it in every way possible... Seriously, we had Economizers for EVERYONE by the time we were done with it.

Looking back, this is NOT my favorite Final Fantasy. Don't get me wrong it is a good game, but there are a number of flaws with it. First off, there are so many things in the game that are useless. Like with Edgar... is there really any point in doing something other than Auto-Crossbow... or Drill later in the game? Also, I really don't like that EVERYONE can use magic... it really makes little difference to characters in the late game... That being said, I am going to try to do alot to counter this... I'm really going to pay attention to Esper level-up values to try and steer certain people's stats in different directions, try to actually make people into classes, etc...

Let's see how this goes.

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