Friday, October 25, 2013

Day #168 Recap (FF VI)

Current Game: Final Fantasy VI Advance

Current Play Time: 2:15
Total Play Time - 335:02
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 27

Where I Currently Am: Narshe
Bosses Killed Today: Vargas, Ultros, Tunnel Armor

Current Setup:
Edgar - Machinist - Lv 12
HP: 280
Str: 39 Agi: 30 Sta: 34 Mag: 29
Atk: 74 Def: 114 Eva: 14 MgD: 64 MgE: 1

Equipment: Great Sword, Heavy Shield, Plumed Hat, Leather Armor

Banon - Oracle - Lv 9
HP: 192
Str: 10 Agi: 24 Sta: 11 Mag: 38
Atk: 117 Def: 110 Eva: 36 MgD: 96 MgE 32

Equipment: Punisher, Magus Hat, Silk Robe

Terra - Magitek Elite - Lv 11
HP: 241 MP: 111
Str: 31 Agi: 33 Sta: 28 Mag: 39
Atk: 66 Def: 110 Eva: 15 MgD: 77 MgE: 7

Equipment: Great Sword, Heavy Shield, Plumed Hat, Cotton Robe,
Relic: Sprint Shoes
Magic: Cure, Fire, Poisona

Stauts & Notes:

Only really one thing to say about today... OMG FF VI Boss music AWZOMSOZ!!! Okay, I'm never doing that again. But seriously, the one thing I could never possibly complain about in this game... the music. This is probably my vote for best 16-bit soundtrack ever... and the boss music of this game might be my favorite track. It is just the right amount of epic without being over the top like a final boss theme.... so awesome... Wait, I hear some of you in the background saying, no Chrono Trigger's soundtrack is better. I think Chrono Trigger's music is on the level of FF VI, but the amount of different tracks in FF VI is so huge and each one of them is so perfect... plus it came first, so tie goes to the earliest.

Another thing to talk about... this is the first Final Fantasy that included mini-games and scenarios, such as the multi-party scenario where you're guarding Terra, or having Locke sneak around South Figaro...

Anyway, I'm on the 2nd part of the Choose your own adventure part. I did Locke first... now I am doing Terra/Edgar... and I'm saving the longness that is Sabin for last.... that being said my goal is to get everyone back to Narshe today. Let's see how it goes.


  1. Not that it really matters, but you kinda forgot to list a few bosses that you've killed up to now: The Guard Leader and Ultros. Gotta flaunt your victories man! :)

    Also, I'm sure you were going to do this already, but once you get magic, can you list the spells that each character has learned? Same thing for Blitzes, Bushidos, Dances, and Lores. Rages would take up a lot of space if you were planning to go for all of them. Maybe only list the useful ones? I dunno if you even plan to use Gau much, but he can be really powerful if you put the time into him. Not that its needed, everyone is pretty powerful in their own way.

  2. Yeah... I actually thought about the Marshall... (Guard Leader)... but I barely consider him a boss.... more like the end guy of the event... prolly should have put him... Ultros... yeah, I'll go edit him in... even though you don't actually KILL him :P yeah, that's my excuse... sure...

    I DO plan on putting the relevant spells and stuff. I guess I can edit in Terra's few for now... really was going to do it more once I started getting Espers. Have some interesting things lined up for this playthrough, you will see!!! And yes, I plan on doing some work with Gau, I have a few Rages I'm aiming for specifically.

    Also, since I always mean to ask and ALWAYS forget, how did you like Dimensions?

    1. I don't know if you use guides or anything for these playthroughs, but for this game I'd highly recommend Djibriel's guide on GameFAQs. It's probably the most in-depth and full-flavored guide I've ever seen for any game ever. It's so good, it's just fun to read by itself, lol.

      Yes, I've been loving Dimensions! I haven't quite beaten it yet, I got all the way to where your groups merge and a little after that, but then I've been busy with other games and moving and stuff. I should get back to it and finish it off. I want to fight those super bosses too! Thanks for making me jump on it :)

      I dunno how many people are keeping up with your blog here, but I check it every day at work and I'm really enjoying it. Keep it up :)