Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day #384 Recap

Current Game(s): Final Fantasy X, Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Current Play Time(Final Fantasy X): 93:35
Current Play Time(Dissidia): 8:03
Total Play Time - 830:45

Current Game Overs(FF X) - 4
Current Game Overs(Dissidia) - 0
Total Game Overs: 65

Where I Currently Am(FF X): Finishing up sphering up the sphere grid
Where I Currently Am(Dissidia): Completed Squall's story mode (5/10 complete)

Stuff Did Today(FF X): Continued building my sphere grid.

Stuff Did Today(Dissidia): Squall fights alone and wants to go off alone to find his destiny. Bartz gives him a feather. Okay... anyway, Kuja comes after Squall to use as bait for Zidane. Then, the Warrior of Light takes on Squall because he thinks he doesn't trust his friends. In the end, Squall encounters Ultimecia. She tries to trap him into fighting herself and Garland at the same time but Zidane comes and evens the fight. Squall defeats Ultimecia as Zidane tells him that Bartz has been captured. The feather and crystal point the way to Bartz.

Status & Notes: 

Really am getting pretty far in doing my sphere grid in FFX now. I won't have the current setup done until later today but for the 4 characters I'm currently levelling up I have Accuracy at 220ish, Strength at 200-220 , Magic Defense around 170 and Speed around 170. So really, all I have left to worry about is Defense and Evasion and I can start taking on some of the tougher creations. Yes, I probably will have to actually max some things out eventually and work on HP at some point, but stats around 200 should be fine to start out... who knows maybe I'll even work on luck at some point.

In Dissidia, I've finished Squall's path which puts me at 5/10 completed for the first run throughs. Not bad. Squall's path is a bit of a pain. Just so many fights that chain. None of them particularly difficult though. So, now onto Zidane... and then Bartz.

Honestly, not sure if I'm going to really be getting any play time today. First off, I bought a Galaxy S5 that I'm in the middle of setting up, not to mention a big Brave Frontier event that started today. I'm also trying to put some time into Clickworker today as well.

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