Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day #15 Recap (FF II)

Current Game: Final Fantasy II
Total Play Time: 30:14
Total Game Overs: 0

Where I Currently Am: Altair
Bosses Killed Today:
FFI: Chronodia(#201, #202, #203), Tiamat, Chaos
FFII: None

Current Setup:

Firion -
HP:30 MP:10
Str: 10 Spr: 10 Int: 10 Sta:10 Agi: 10 Mag: 5
Sword: Lv 2 Shield: Lv 2
Cure: Lv 1
Equipment: Broadsword, Buckler, Leather Armor

Maria -
HP:20 MP: 10
Str: 5 Spr: 10 Int: 15 Sta: 5 Agi: 15 Mag: 5
Bow: Lv 1
Fire: Lv 1
Equipment: Bow, Clothes

Guy -
HP: 40 MP: 10
Str: 15 Spr: 10 Int: 10 Sta: 15 Agi: 5 Mag: 5
Axe: Lv 2 Shield Lv: 2
Equipment: Axe, Buckler, Leather Armor

Current Gil -94

Status + Notes

So... 1 down, 26 to go! Finished Final Fantasy I yesterday, and while I can't technically call them game overs, I did have two kind of game over moments as I was trying for specific versions of chronodia. Both times I failed the dragon fighting area of the labyrinth of time... once by about 4 seconds. Ouch. But anyway, I did complete it and then quickly cleared out the final dungeon and watched the ending. So onto Final Fantasy II, which I literally just got out of the initial cutscenes just so I could get my template for daily updates set. I will make no bones that this is my least favorite of the Final Fantasy games... at least that I've played, and so I'm looking forward to getting through this as quickly as possible. Though I am looking forward to seeing what the Arcane Laboratory adds in to the gameplay experience

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