Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day #9 Recap (FF I)

Current Game: Final Fantasy I
Play Time: 16:25
Game Overs: 0

Where I Currently Am: Lifespring Grotto
Bosses Killed Today: Death Eye, Lich, Marilith, Kraken, Gilgamesh, Atomos, Shinryu(woot!)

Current Setup:

Knight - Level 64
Equipment - Ragnarok, Aegis Shield, Ribbon, Dragon Mail, Protect Ring

Ninja - Level 64
Equipment - Masamune, Hero's Shield, Ribbon, Flame Mail, Genji Gloves

Red Wizard - Level 64
Equipment - Kikuichimonji, Zephyr Cape(rare drop), Ribbon, Diamond Armlet, Protect Ring

White Wizard - Level 64
Equipment - Thor's Hammer, Protect Cloak, Ribbon, White Robe, Protect Ring

Current Gil - 999,999 (cap)
Status + Notes

Completed initial run through of Chaos Temple, and 1 runthrough of Lifespring Grotto... next runthrough #2 for Omega, and initial runthrough of Whisperwind Cove... then we'll see about getting some rare chests...

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