Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day #4 Recap (FF I)

Current Game: Final Fantasy I
Play Time: 6:39
Game Overs: 0

Where I Currently Am: Cavern of Ice
Bosses Killed Today: Lich, Marilith, Evil Eye

Current Setup:
Warrior: Lv 31
Equipment: Ice Brand, Ice Shield, Mythril Helm, Ice Armor, Mythril Gloves

Thief: Lv 31
Equipment: Coral Sword, Buckler, Leather Cap, Silver Armlet, Leather Gloves

Red Mage: Lv 31
Equipment: Flame Sword, Buckler, Leather Cap, Mythril Mail, Leather Gloves
New Magic:

White Mage: Lv 31
Equipment: Mythril Hammer, Leather Cap, Silver Armlet, Leather Gloves
New Magic:
Lv 6: Stona, Protera, Invisira

Current Gold: 249.4k
Fun Fact of the Day: Made it through the entire Cavern of Ice without getting stoned once. HCBailly must be extremely jealous

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