Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day #18 Recap (FF II)

Current Game: Final Fantasy II
Total Play Time: 34:28
Total Game Overs: 3

Where I Currently Am: Arcane Sanctuary
Bosses Killed Today: Phreykos

Current Setup:

Firion -
HP:921 MP:46
Str: 15 Spr: 11 Int: 10 Sta:29 Agi: 27 Mag: 11
Sword: Lv 8 Shield: Lv 8
Cure: Lv 6
Equipment: Longsword, Mythril Shield, Leather Cap, Copper Cuirass, Leather Gloves

Maria -
HP: 495 MP: 145
Str: 9 Spr: 14 Int: 24 Sta: 23 Agi: 16 Mag: 18
Bow: Lv 6
Fire: Lv 7 Cure: Lv 4 Blink Lv: 4 Esuna: Lv 1
Equipment: Longbow, Leather Cap, Clothes, Leather Gloves

Guy -
HP: 1126 Mp: 27
Str: 22 Spr: 10 Int: 10 Sta: 39 Agi: 10 Mag: 6
Axe: Lv 7 Shield Lv: 7
Cure: Lv 3
Equipment: Mythril Axe, Bronze Shield, Leather Cap, Leather Armor, Leather Gloves

Minwu -
HP: 1258 MP: 143
Str: 16 Spr: 99: Int: 71 Sta: 38 Agi: 73 Mag: 94
Staff: Lv 7 Shield Lv: 7
Cure: Lv 9 Life: Lv 7 Basuna: Lv 6 Esuna: Lv 4 Barrier: Lv 8 Blink: Lv 6 Protect: Lv 5
Shell: Lv 7 Wall: Lv 6 Dispel: Lv 4 Silence: Lv 5 Sap: Lv 4 Blizzard: Lv 6 Swap: Lv 3
Teleport: Lv 1
Equipment: Staff of Light, Bronze Shield, Leather Cap, Copper Cuirass, Leather Gloves

Current Gil - 11570

Status + Notes

Lot of notes today. First, yes, I have had my first 3 game overs of this trek, and they were ALL to the same thing. The wizard floor of the arcane laboratory is amazingly annoying when you are going through it at the beginning of the game. First of all, the magicians almost always ambush you, and if you run into a sorcerer they cast death on your whole party, and it has a pretty good chance of killing you. That's what happened 3 times to me. Let me say this though, as long as I am trying something challenging, such as completing Arcane lab runs early in the game, I will wear my game overs as a badge of honor. I also can safely say, I can sympathize with HCBailly's hatred of Cockatrices... since its basically the same thing.

So, now I will start my run through the whole of the game, basically stopping to unlock the terms and weapons of people whenever I can. So next will be Josef when I get him... the runs will be a ton quicker now, though. Probably about 30 mins to get a weapon from start to finish if I don't have to unlock any words in the playthrough.

I still say though, the final fantasy i extra content was much better. If you were just trying this late in the game, it would be laughable. And I say that even realizing that there will be some tougher maps later in the game.

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