Saturday, May 25, 2013

Final Fantasy I Completion Stats

Play Time: 30:03
Game Overs: 0

Final Setup:

Knight - Level 86
Equipment - Barbarian Sword, Master Shield, Genji Helm, Maximillian, Genji Gloves
Str 92, Agi 52, Int 27, Sta 77, Luck 38
Attack 171, Acc 255, Def 92, Eva 192

Ninja - Level 79
Equipment - Masamune, Hero's Shield, Shadow Mask, Survival Vest, Genji Gloves
Str 41, Agi 98, Int 28, Sta 44, Luck 66
Attack 76, Acc 255, Def 73, Eva 246

Red Wizard - Level 79
Equipment - Ultima Weapon, Zephyr Cape, Wizard's Hat, Red Jacket, Protect Ring
Str 40, Agi 39, Int 54, Sta 36, Luck 38
Attack 120, Acc 255, Def 40, Eva 124

White Wizard - Level 79
Equipment - Golden Staff, Elven Cloak, Sage's Mitre, Lordly Robes, Protect Ring
Str 35, Agi 36, Int 99, Sta 36, Luck 31
Attack 47, Acc 207, Def 59, Eva 117

Gil -999k

Final Review:

 This is a game you really have to look at from two points of view. From the point of view of a game that was really one of the first of its kind. Its really a pretty amazing game. The class system was pretty well implemented, the dungeons are well layed out and provide a huge amount of upgrades. The exploration is fun and challenging. The magic system is, well, horrible, but obviously drew huge from the AD&D system. The bosses are well designed, but due to some broken mechanics, rediculously easy. From a modern point of view, this game does not hold the test of time, the changes to the magic system were really pointless. 99% of the spells you cast, you cast using items. It doesn't matter if you have spell charges or MP. Sure, maybe you can cast Healaga a bit more liberally than you normally would, but really it doesn't change much. Also, the items in the added dungeons completely make an entire class unnecessary. I dare you to find a good reason to have a black wizard in your party in this game. Seriously. There are no real exclusive spells that the Black Wizard gets... except for a few instant-death spells which are pretty pointless anyway, and because you can pretty much cast any spell from an item, the white wizard is just as good of an offensive caster and can cast healaga on top of it!

Anyway, the other changes from the modern sense are the new dungeons. These I liked. The 4 bonus dungeons in both the PSP and GBA versions, are interesting. The first time I played through, I really only played them for the bonus bosses and their drops. Which are interesting upgrades. It was only in this playthrough I learned about the added feature of the level generation and how you get some of the rare items. Which really is unnecessary but a cute little OCD bonus... though again, they messed up by making at least 1 item impossible to get.

The Labyrinth of time is extremely well done. The puzzles are really interesting for the most point. And the challenge continues to grow as you get better at completing some of the earlier puzzles. The seal mechanic is kind of interesting, though since you can flee from pretty much everything, it kind of marginalizes this whole mechanic, except for maybe creating your own challenge level. I would've like some more differences between the different versions of chronodia... There seemed to be some slight differences in the AI, plus the later versions took slightly longer to kill... but as with everything, stacking Invis and Temper pretty much does the trick.

I also have to mention the upgraded music and graphics. The music is really exceptional, being completely redone, and I really enjoyed almost every track. Also, the cutscenes were few, but a nice little addition. Overall, this is certainly not my favorite Final Fantasy game. Not very challenging, with the exception of the labyrinth of time, no story whatsoever, and a mix of unrefined mechanics, which they've tried to fix... but really there was no fixing them.

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