Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day #258 Recap (Crisis Core: FF VII)

Current Game: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Current Play Time: 28:03
Total Play Time - 513:44
Current Game Overs - 6
Total Game Overs: 52

Where I Currently Am: Chapter 10 (Gongaga)
Stuff Did Today: Escaped the Shinra Manor, literally carrying Mako overloaded Cloud out. In walking away from Nibelheim, Shinra sent some Gunbull things up which I had to snipe. At this point Cissnei and the Turks were tracking us, but we were able to convince Cissnei to let us escape. We went to Gongaga where Cissnei figured we'd go... once again she let us pass, oh though Zack's mom loves her. Anyway, we spotted a weakened Angeal on the outskirts, but he got away... so we decided to do some ENDURANCE MISSIONS!

Current Setup:

Zack - Lv 54
SP: 259,428
HP: 18436 MP: 619 AP: 274
Atk: 140 Vit: 126 Mag: 76 Spr: 127 Lck: 40


Aerial Drain Lv. 5 HP +380%
Curaga Lv. 5 Spr + 25
Hell Thundaga Lv. 5 Mag +23
Drainga Lv. 5 Atk + 65
Wall Lv 5.Vit +33
Mug Lv. 5 MP +140%

Black Belt, Aegis Armlet, Safety Bit, Adaman Bangle

Accessory List:
Bronze Bangle(HP +10%)
Iron Bangle(HP +20%)
Titanium Bangle(HP +30%)
Carbon Bangle(HP +40%)
Bronze Armlet(MP +20%)
Silver Armlet(MP +40%, prevents Silence)
Gold Armlet(MP +60%, prevents Silence)
Rune Armlet(MP +80%, prevents Silence)
Chocobo Armlet(AP +20%)
Mountain Chocobo Armlet(AP +40%, prevents Stun)
River Chocobo Armlet(AP +60%, prevents Stun)
Sea Chocobo Armlet(AP +80%, prevents Stun)
Wrist Band(Atk +5)
Power Wrist(Atk +10)
Hyper Wrist(Atk +20)
Bulletproof Vest(Vit +30)
Shinra Alpha (Vit +40)
Shinra Beta(Vit +60)
Shinra Beta+ (Vit +80)
Earrings(Mag +5)
Circlet(Mag +10)
Hypno Crown(Mag +20)
Amulet (Spr +30)
Talisman(Spr +40)
Tarot Cards(Spr +60)
Muscle Belt(Atk +5 & Vit+5)
Champion's Belt(Atk +10 & Vit +10, prevents Poison)
Black Belt(Atk +20 & Vit +20, prevents Poison and Curse)
Mythril Gloves(Atk +5 & Mag+5)
Diamond Gloves (Atk +10 & Mag +10, prevents Poison)
Crystal Gloves (Atk +20 & Mag +20, prevents Poison and Silence)
Force Bracelet(Mag +5 & Spr +5)
Diamond Bracelet(Mag +10 & Spr +10, prevents Poison)
Crystal Bracelet(Mag +20 & Spr +20, prevents Poison and Curse)
Four Slots(Vit +5 & Spr +5)
Mystile(Vit +10 & Spr+10)
Aegis Armlet(Vit +20 & Spr +20, prevents Silence and Stun)
Fire Ring(Adds Fire to Atk)
Fire Armlet(1/2 Fire Damage)
Blaze Armlet(Absorbs Fire Damage)
Ice Ring(Adds Ice to Atk)
Ice Armlet(1/2 Ice Damage)
Frost Armlet(Null Ice Damage)
Snow Armlet(Absorbs Ice Damage)
Lightning Ring(Adds Lightning to Atk)
Lightning Armlet(1/2 Lightning Damage)
Thunder Armlet(Null Lightning Damage)
Bolt Armlet(Absobrs Lightning Damage)
Dragon Armlet(1/2 Fire, Ice, Lightning Damage)
Venom Shock(Adds Poison to Atk)
Mute Shock(Adds Silence to Atk)
System Shock(Adds Stop to Atk)
Paralyzing Shock(Adds Stun to Atk)
Safety Bit(Prevents Death)
Star Pendant(Prevents Poison)
White Cape(Prevents Silence)
Gris-gris Bag(Prevents Curse)
Headband(Prevents Stun)
Sprint Shoes(Prevents Stop)
Pearl Necklace(Prevents Poison and Silence)
Cursed Rng(HP+10%, MP+10%, AP+10%, Atk +10, Vit +10, Mag +10, Spr +10, Luck +10, Always Cursed)
Twisted Headband(Keeps Endure active)
Doc's Code(Auto-potion when HP is low)
Fury Ring(Enable Counterattacks)
Feather Cap(Break can go to 3x instead of 2x)
Gold Hairpin(MP Limit -> 9999)
Black Cowl(AP Limit -> 9999)
Adaman Bangle(HP Limit -> 99999)

Sephiroth - 75%
Angeal - 100%
Tseng - 90%
Cloud - 70%
Aerith - 90%
Cissnei - 100%
Ifrit - 100%
Bahamut - 100%
Bahamut Fury -100%
Odin - 100%
Phoenix - 100%
Genesis - 55%
Chocobo - 100%
Cactuar - 100%
Tonberry - 100%
Cait Sith - 100%
Moogle - 100%
Magic Pot - 100%

Missions Complete: 51%
1-1-1 - 1-4-5
2-1-1 - 2-2-2
3-1-1 - 3-2-4
4-1-1 - 4-4-3
5-1-1 - 5-1-6
6-1-1 - 6-4-3
7-1-1 - 7-4-1
8-1-1 - 8-5-6
9-1-1 - 9-1-5
*10-1-1 - 10-4-3*

Status & Notes: 

So... materia still ugly... but again, still don't care... really just caring about stats right now. Good chunk of play time, but not a whole lot done... why could that be?!?!? Oh yeah, ENDURANCE MISSIONS. Seriously, 1 mission where you have to take out 1000 army guys... it just takes forever. You just get into a rhythm of switching between Hell Thundaga and attack and it goes quick enough I guess... I almost wish I could curse myself to keep the DMW from going off... but I guess I don't have it 100% yet, and I would like my Genji Armor at some point...

As far as plot goes, I actually kind of like it. Even though I thought Zack was supposed to be dead at this point, I guess we get to see how Cloud got from the Nibelheim incident to the point where he could join AVALANCHE as a merc. Also, the depths of his sickness from mako exposure which certainly then recur in the game.

Alright, as far as what I'm going to do today? Certainly I think I'm going to finish Chapter 10... why? Because then at least all the missions are unlocked. After that it is a mission extravaganza! I have a lot of easy ones unlocked anyway, and more to come... may be a day or so before I even get to ones that will be remotely challenging... But... we'll see how it goes.

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