Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day #260 Recap (Crisis Core: FF VII)

Current Game: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Current Play Time: 34:34
Total Play Time - 520:15
Current Game Overs - 9
Total Game Overs: 55

Where I Currently Am: Chapter 11
Stuff Did Today: Just did missions... and figured out the last little details of Materia Fusion...

Current Setup:

Zack - Lv 64
SP: 323,270
HP: 26105 MP: 691 AP: 304
Atk: 134 Vit: 100 Mag: 100 Spr: 111 Lck: 43


Aerial Drain Lv. 5 HP +480%
Curaga Lv. 5 Spr + 25
Hell Thundaga Lv. 2 Mag +44
Drainga Lv. 5 Atk + 75
Wall Lv 5.Vit +43
Mug Lv. 5 MP +140%

Brutal, Ribbon, Safety Bit, Adaman Bangle

Accessory List:
Bronze Bangle(HP +10%)
Iron Bangle(HP +20%)
Titanium Bangle(HP +30%)
Carbon Bangle(HP +40%)
Platinum Bangle(HP +50%)
Bronze Armlet(MP +20%)
Silver Armlet(MP +40%, prevents Silence)
Gold Armlet(MP +60%, prevents Silence)
Rune Armlet(MP +80%, prevents Silence)
Mythril Armlet(MP +100%, prevents Silence)
Chocobo Armlet(AP +20%)
Mountain Chocobo Armlet(AP +40%, prevents Stun)
River Chocobo Armlet(AP +60%, prevents Stun)
Sea Chocobo Armlet(AP +80%, prevents Stun)
Sky Chocobo Armlet(AP +100%, prevents Stun)
Wrist Band(Atk +5)
Power Wrist(Atk +10)
Hyper Wrist(Atk +20)
Kaiser Knuckles(Atk +30)
Bulletproof Vest(Vit +30)
Shinra Alpha (Vit +40)
Shinra Beta(Vit +60)
Shinra Beta+ (Vit +80)
Earrings(Mag +5)
Circlet(Mag +10)
Hypno Crown(Mag +20)
Amulet (Spr +30)
Talisman(Spr +40)
Tarot Cards(Spr +60)
Crystal Orb(Spr +80)
Muscle Belt(Atk +5 & Vit+5)
Champion's Belt(Atk +10 & Vit +10, prevents Poison)
Black Belt(Atk +20 & Vit +20, prevents Poison and Curse)
Mythril Gloves(Atk +5 & Mag+5)
Diamond Gloves (Atk +10 & Mag +10, prevents Poison)
Crystal Gloves (Atk +20 & Mag +20, prevents Poison and Silence)
Force Bracelet(Mag +5 & Spr +5)
Diamond Bracelet(Mag +10 & Spr +10, prevents Poison)
Crystal Bracelet(Mag +20 & Spr +20, prevents Poison and Curse)
Four Slots(Vit +5 & Spr +5)
Mystile(Vit +10 & Spr+10)
Aegis Armlet(Vit +20 & Spr +20, prevents Silence and Stun)
Fire Ring(Adds Fire to Atk)
Fire Armlet(1/2 Fire Damage)
Flame Armlet(Null Fire Damage)
Blaze Armlet(Absorbs Fire Damage)
Ice Ring(Adds Ice to Atk)
Ice Armlet(1/2 Ice Damage)
Frost Armlet(Null Ice Damage)
Snow Armlet(Absorbs Ice Damage)
Lightning Ring(Adds Lightning to Atk)
Lightning Armlet(1/2 Lightning Damage)
Thunder Armlet(Null Lightning Damage)
Bolt Armlet(Absobrs Lightning Damage)
Dragon Armlet(1/2 Fire, Ice, Lightning Damage)
Element Blade(Adds Fire, Ice, Lightning to Atk)
Mortal Shock(Adds Death to Atk)
Venom Shock(Adds Poison to Atk)
Mute Shock(Adds Silence to Atk)
System Shock(Adds Stop to Atk)
Paralyzing Shock(Adds Stun to Atk)
Safety Bit(Prevents Death)
Star Pendant(Prevents Poison)
White Cape(Prevents Silence)
Gris-gris Bag(Prevents Curse)
Headband(Prevents Stun)
Sprint Shoes(Prevents Stop)
Pearl Necklace(Prevents Poison and Silence)
Ribbon(Immune to all status except Death)
Cursed Rng(HP+10%, MP+10%, AP+10%, Atk +10, Vit +10, Mag +10, Spr +10, Luck +10, Always Cursed)
Moon Bracer(Perma-Barrier)
Twisted Headband(Keeps Endure active)
Precious Watch(2x Gold)
Brigand's Gloves(100% steal rate)
Doc's Code(Auto-potion when HP is low)
Fury Ring(Enable Counterattacks)
Feather Cap(Break can go to 3x instead of 2x)
Gold Hairpin(MP Limit -> 9999)
Black Cowl(AP Limit -> 9999)
Adaman Bangle(HP Limit -> 99999)
Brutal(Damage Limit -> 99999)

Sephiroth - 100%
Angeal - 100%
Tseng - 90%
Cloud - 90%
Aerith - 90%
Cissnei - 100%
Ifrit - 100%
Bahamut - 100%
Bahamut Fury -100%
Odin - 100%
Phoenix - 100%
Genesis - 55%
Chocobo - 100%
Cactuar - 100%
Tonberry - 100%
Cait Sith - 100%
Moogle - 100%
Magic Pot - 100%

Missions Complete: 71%
1-1-1 - 1-5-4
2-1-1 - 2-4-1
3-1-1 - 3-4-3
4-1-1 - 4-4-6
*5-1-1 - 5-4-6*
6-1-1 - 6-4-4
7-1-1 - 7-5-1
8-1-1 - 8-6-3
9-1-1 - 9-2-1
*10-1-1 - 10-4-3*

Status & Notes: 

So, I spent a LOT of time doing two specific things today. 1. Learning the final intracacies of Materia Fusion... and I can honestly say... I hate it. The problem is while most materia you can kind of change to something else. Pretty much any Rank 8 Materia you are stuck with... So, yeah, that Aerial Drain and Drainga aren't going anywhere... at least until I'm up to  Minerva... anyway... so, yeah, my plan is just to stick with this for a while... Really, the only things I'd probably want instead are Costly Punch... which has to be levelled up with items specifically and will take quite a while... and umm... I dunno, maybe replace Hell Thundaga with Ultima or Flare or something like that... again pretty much has to be done with items and will take quite a while.

The other thing I did was get access to the third column DMW materia... and I spent... ugh... a LOT of time trying to get them levelled up. What I did was purchased 3 Moogle Materia and 5 Cissnei Materia. You put on the Cissnei Materia to hopefully get a quick Lucky Stars to get your DMW to Heavenly, and then you put the Moogle Materia on to hopefully level all your Materia to master really quickly... the problem is actually getting the DMW to work with you. Seriously, I probably only actually played for a little over an hour today, most of my playtime was spent just trying to get this materia thing done. Now, with 3 mastered Lucky Stars Materia and 3 Mastered Moogle Power materia, hopefully I can do this without much time from now on... but it is a crapshoot.

So, anyway, my goal for today is pretty much what it was yesterday... get to 75-80% mission completion and get a little plot done in Chapter 11....

Also, a little editorial note. I can confirm I will be playing the Steam version of Final Fantasy VIII for my playthrough.

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