Friday, February 21, 2014

Day #287 Recap (Final Fantasy IX)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IX

Current Play Time: 0:51
Total Play Time - 601:36
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 59

Where I Currently Am: Alexandria Castle
Stuff Did Today: Navigated through Ultimecia's Castle and took out the evil megalomaniac. Next, we loaded up a new world where we put on an awesome show at Alexandria Castle which 100 out of 100 nobles agreed was impressive. Then the princess ran away and the incompetent captain of the guards is out looking for her.

Current Setup:

Steiner - Lv 1
HP - 120 MP - 24
Equipped Abilities: None
Equipment: Broadword, Bronze Helm, Bronze Armor

Learned Abilities: None

Tetra Master:
3x Goblin 0P00
3x Fang 0P00
Skeleton 0P00
Lizard Man 0P00
Zombie 0M00
Bomb 0M00
Ironite 1P10
Sahagin 1P00 

Status & Notes: 

Time to talk about the end of Final Fantasy VIII. First of all, I want to say, I REALLY like Ultimecia's Castle as a last area. It is very much a classic final fantasy final area in a very non-traditional final fantasy game, which is all the better since the final area of Final Fantasy VII was very unimpressive. I also like the gothic theme of the area, which, again, is really a stark contrast to the rest of the game, but it is allowed to be since it takes place in a different time period than the rest of the game.

Now, the ending to Final Fantasy VIII... is really confusing. The interpretation of it I guess is based on how you interpreted the whole game. If you take the game at face value, then Squall is stuck in the time-compressed world, and thus the time-compression is affecting his memories and he is losing them, or perhaps the Guardian Forces are forcing the memories of Rinoa out of Squall's mind.... quick aside... why is this EXACTLY the ending of Crisis Core where the DMW starts to break???... okay, anyway, if you subscribe to the Squall is dead theory, then perhaps Squall's "dream" is ending. I don't know...

So, on to Final Fantasy IX. This is one of my FAVORITE games in the series. It is a return to a classic Final Fantasy game with much more streamlined mechanics and a class Final Fantasy setting. Also, this game takes itself a lot less seriously than the previous two and features a large amount of self-deprecating humor. The irony of this game is that it did not develop the same kind of nostalgia amongst fans as VII or VIII did, and of course this is a game built completely on nostalgia of the early Final Fantasy games... so many costumes and tenets of this game are built upon those of the early games of the series.... oh well. 

Also, the music in this game is amazing. I remember one of my college friends giving me the soundtrack to this game (before the game was even released) as a Christmas present during my Sophomore year... I fell in love with it... I even enjoy doing the silly swordfight over and over just to hear Vallo Alla Flamenco over and over...

Anyway, on to goals for today... man, can't believe we've made it all the way to FF IX already... anyway, we're probably going to slow things down a little... put alot of time into finishing VIII and don't want to get burnt out. That being said I'd least like to see the world map today... yeah, this is another one of those Final Fantasy games with a ridiculously long prologue... let's see how it goes...

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