Friday, February 28, 2014

Day #294 Recap (Final Fantasy IX)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IX

Current Play Time: 13:42
Total Play Time - 614:26
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 59

Where I Currently Am: Alexandria Castle (Disc 2)
Stuff Did Today: While searching for Supersoft in Treno, we found Doctor Tot, who used to be Dagger's tutor. He gave us some Supersoft and a method to travel back to Alexadria, namely the Gargan Roo. We defeated a snake that was spooking the Gargan and then made it back to Alexandria where we were promptly trapped and captured by Zorn and Thorn. A ritual was performed on Dagger which removed all of her Eidolons and placed into Jewels... more on this soon... meanwhile, Zidane and crew found the tree of Cleyra which was surrounded by a magical sandstorm. After climbing the tree, they made it to Cleyra, where they were preparing their defenses. An ancient ritual to strengthen the sandstorm failed when a magical harp broke. Soon after, Alexandria began to attack. We managed to save some villagers, but Beatrix defeated us once again and stole a magic sacred jewel of the Cleyrans. She took it back to Brahne, who then summoned Odin who was stolen from Dagger and destroyed Cleyra. Luckily Zidane and company had used the Black Mages to sneak back to Brahne's ship where they found out Dagger was going to be executed. So, we teleported to the castle where we met Steiner who escaped from his prison and are now off to rescue the Princess!!! (How cliche)...

Current Setup:

Steiner - Lv 15
HP - 886 MP - 52
Equipped Abilities: HP +10%, Bug Killer, Alert, Level Up, Antibody
Equipment: Blood Sword, Iron Helm, Mythril Gloves, Mythril Armor, Germinas Boots
Speed: 19 Strength: 30 Magic: 17 Spirit: 26
Attack: 24 Defense: 15 Evade: 15 Magic Def: 7 Magic Eva: 7

Learned Active Abilities: Darkside(L), Minus Strike, Armor Break
Learned Passive Abilities: HP +10%, Bird Killer, Bug Killer, Undead Killer, Cover, Antibody, Bright Eyes

Zidane - Lv 18
HP - 892 MP -78
Equipped Passive Abilities: Man Eater, Add Status, Alert, Level Up, Insomniac, Bandit
Equipment: The Ogre, Bandana, Mythril Armlet, Mythril Vest, Fairy Earrings

Speed: 25 Strength: 28 Magic: 24 Spirit: 30
Attack: 24 Defense: 12 Evade: 13 Magic Def: 12 Magic Eva: 13

Learned Active Abilities: Flee, Detect, What's That, Soul Blade
Learned Passive Abilities: Bird Killer, Undead Killer, Devil Killer, Beast Killer, Man Eater, Steal Gil, Add Status, Protect Girls, Body Temp, Alert, Flee-Gil, Insomniac, Antibody, Bright Eyes, Jelly, Bandit

Vivi - Lv 17
HP - 550 MP - 96
Equipped Passive Abilties: Add Status, Ability Up, Insomniac, Antibody, Loudmouth
Equipment: Lightning Staff, Mage's Hat, Mythril Armlet, Magician Robe, Madain's Ring

Speed: 17 Strength: 18 Magic: 33 Spirit: 25
Attack: 16 Defense: 21 Evade: 17 Magic Def: 19 Magic Eva: 11

Learned Active Abilities: Fire, Fira(L), Sleep, Blizzard, Blizzara, Slow, Thunder, Thundara(L), Stop, Poison(L), Bio, Drain
Learned Passive Abilities: Auto-Reflect, Add Status, Ability Up, Insomniac, Antibody, Loudmouth, Jelly, Auto-Potion, Clear Headed

Freya - Lv 19
HP - 914 MP - 69
Equipped Passive Abilties: HP +10%, Cover, Level Up, Insomniac
Equipment: Partisan, Gold Helm, Thunder Gloves, Mythril Armor, Emerald

Speed: 21 Strength: 25 Magic: 22 Spirit: 25
Attack: 25 Defense: 15 Evade: 16 Magic Def: 13 Magic Eva: 10

Learned Active Abilities: Lancer, Reis's Wind, White Draw(L)
Learned Passive Abilities: HP +10%, Bird Killer, Bug Killer, Undead Killer, Dragon Killer, Man Eater, Add Status, Chemist, Cover, Body Temp, Level Up, Insomniac, Antibody, Bright Eyes

Not Currently In Party:

Quina - Lv 11
HP - 446 MP - 63
Equipped Passive Abilties: High Tide, Millionaire, Antibody
Equipment: Needle Fork, Steepled Hat, Glass Armlet, Bronze Vest, Yellow Scarf

Speed: 15 Strength: 24 Magic: 23 Spirit: 13
Attack: 34 Defense: 9 Evade: 10 Magic Def: 11 Magic Eva: 7

Learned Active Abilities: LV3 Def-less, Aqua Breath, Mighty Guard, Limit Glove, Angel's Snack, Frog Drop, Vanish, Mustard Bomb
Learned Passive Abilities: Add Status, Antibody

Dagger - Lv 9
HP - 279 MP - 64
Equipped Abilities: Chemist, Antibody
Equipment: Multina Racket, Magus Hat, Glass Armlet, Bronze Vest, Germinas Boots

Speed: 21 Strength: 17 Magic: 25 Spirit: 19
Attack: 17 Defense: 9 Evade: 12 Magic Def: 11 Magic Eva: 7

Learned Active Abilities: Shiva, Ifrit, Atomos, Odin, Bahamut, Cure, Panacea, Stona, Shell, Protect
Learned Passive Abilities: Chemist, Antibody

 Tetra Master:
7x Goblin 0P00
5x Fang 0P00
5x Skeleton 0P00
4x Flan 0M00 - 0M01 - 0X01
Zaghnol - 0P00
8x Lizard Man 0P00
Zombie 0M00
3x Bomb 0M00 - 1M00 - 1M01
Ironite 1P10
Sahagin 1P00 
2x Yeti - 1M00 - 1M01
2x Mimic 0M11 - 1M11
Mandragora - 1M02
Nymph - 2M02
Sand Golem - 1P20
Zuu - 1P01
2x Dragonfly 1P10 - 2P20
3x Carrion Worm 2M00 - 2M10 - 2M11
Tonberry 1P22
Mythril Sword 1P00

Type - Light Blue
Beak Level - 17
Chocotreasures dug up - Streamside, Between Mountains, Healing Shore, Bird's Eye Lagoon, Small Beach
Chocograph Inventory - Uncultivated Land, Abandoned Beach, Cold Field, Faraway Lagoon

Status & Notes: 

Hooray! Mission accomplished. Finished Cleyra and got everyone back to Alexandria... which is good, because Cleyra really takes quite a bit. Oh yeah, we're actually starting to get into the actual plot of the game now... Power Hungry Queen wants to collect summons to gain more power because she's power hungry... but of course this is a Final Fantasy game... so obviously she's not the real bad guy... Yeah, again, I can't stress enough how this game just takes a lot of things from other Final Fantasy games and kind of mixes everything up. Different and yet the same...

Something I find kind of cool is the whole Gaelic influence they have with the Burmecians/Cleyrans. For a series that has drawn from so many different cultures to influence its games, its funny, but using a Gaelic influence actually seems different and refreshing. Its a nice little song and dance they use for the whole Sandstorm strengthening ritual they do too.

Goals for today... I'm going through Alexandria... though I'm NOT going to do Tantarian right now... it is something I actually did on my first playthrough of the game... take him out now... It is something that takes a LOT of strategy, and luck, and using a LOT of save states... and really not worth the effort right now. I'd like to make it through Fossil Roo... which, again, might be a little lofty of a goal... but we'll see. Made it yesterday right? We'll see how it goes today...

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