Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day #289 Recap (Final Fantasy IX)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IX

Current Play Time: 1:56
Total Play Time - 602:41
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 59

Where I Currently Am: Ice Cavern
Stuff Did Today: Nothing

Current Setup:

Zidane - Lv 3
HP - 160 MP 38
Equipped Abilities: Beast Killer, Protect Girls, Flee-Gil, Flee, Detect
Equipment: Mage Masher, Leather Hat, Wrist, Leather Shirt, Moonstone

Speed: 23 Strength: 21 Magic: 18 Spirit: 23 Attack: 14 Defense: 6 Evade: 5 Magic Def: 6 Magic Eva: 3

Learned Abilities: None

Vivi - Lv 3
HP - 91 MP - 50
Equipped Abilties: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder
Equipment: Mage Staff, Leather Hat, Leather Wrist, Silk Shirt

Speed: 16 Strength: 12 Magic: 24 Spirit: 20 Attack: 12 Defense: 7 Evade: 7 Magic Def: 6 Magic Eva: 5

Learned Abilities: Fire

Steiner - Lv 3
HP - 183 MP - 25
Equipped Abilities: Minus Strike, Bird Killer, Bug Killer, Beast Killer, Antibody
Equipment: Iron Sword, Bronze Helm, Bronze Gloves, Bronze Armor

Speed: 18 Strength: 24 Magic: 12 Spirit: 22 Attack: 16 Defense: 9 Evade: 8 Magic Def: 6 Magic Eva: 2

Learned Abilities: None

Garnet - Lv 1
HP - 70 MP - 46
Equipped Abilities: None
Equipment: Rod, Leather Hat, Wrist, Silk Shirt

Speed: 21 Strength: 14 Magic: 23 Spirit: 17 Attack: 11 Defense: 7 Evade: 5 Magic Def: 6 Magic Eva: 3

Learned Abilities: Shiva, Ifrit, Atomos, Odin, Bahamut

Tetra Master:
4x Goblin 0P00
5x Fang 0P00
Skeleton 0P00
Lizard Man 0P00
Zombie 0M00
Bomb 0M00
Ironite 1P10
Sahagin 1P00 

Status & Notes: 

Yeah, so no play time yesterday. We had my twins' birthday party yesterday, and then had some of their friends back at our house and after all that... I pretty much just passed out on my couch. Yeah... and unfortunately I have another busy irl day today. It never ends... so, unfortunately I'm still only putting my goal for today at getting through the Ice Cavern... BTW I am really happy with my setup for the Current Setup section here... it is so short!!! For the first time in forever... So, yeah, gonna keep this update short for today, will be back tomorrow, when I probably write way too much... let's see how it goes.

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