Monday, February 24, 2014

Day #290 Recap (Final Fantasy IX)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IX

Current Play Time: 2:37
Total Play Time - 603:22
Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs: 59

Where I Currently Am: Village of Dali
Stuff Did Today: Made my way through the Ice Cavern, at the end the party was knocked out by a strange blizzard. Zidane was able to recover and find that it was created by the Black Waltz who summoned a Sea Lion to try and take Zidane out to take the princess back to Brahne. After defeating him, we escaped the cavern, and Garnet renamed herself Dagger to lay low.

Current Setup:

Zidane - Lv 6
HP - 268 MP 44
Equipped Abilities: Beast Killer, Protect Girls, Flee-Gil, Bandit
Equipment: Mythril Dagger, Leather Hat, Wrist, Leather Shirt

Speed: 23 Strength: 22 Magic: 19 Spirit: 23 Attack: 18 Defense: 6 Evade: 5 Magic Def: 6 Magic Eva: 3

Learned Abilities: Flee, Detect, Beast Killer, Protect Girls, Flee-Gil

Vivi - Lv 6
HP - 158 MP - 58
Equipped Abilties: None
Equipment: Mage Staff, Leather Hat, Leather Wrist, Silk Shirt

Speed: 16 Strength: 13 Magic: 25 Spirit: 20 Attack: 12 Defense: 7 Evade: 7 Magic Def: 6 Magic Eva: 5

Learned Abilities: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder

Steiner - Lv 6
HP - 183 MP - 25
Equipped Abilities: Bird Killer, Bug Killer, Antibody
Equipment: Iron Sword, Bronze Helm, Bronze Gloves, Bronze Armor

Speed: 18 Strength: 25 Magic: 13 Spirit: 22 Attack: 16 Defense: 9 Evade: 8 Magic Def: 6 Magic Eva: 2

Learned Abilities: Minus Strike, Bird Killer, Antibody

Dagger - Lv 5
HP - 159 MP - 54
Equipped Abilities: None
Equipment: Rod, Leather Hat, Leather Wrist, Silk Shirt, Moonstone

Speed: 21 Strength: 15 Magic: 24 Spirit: 18 Attack: 11 Defense: 7 Evade: 7 Magic Def: 6 Magic Eva: 5

Learned Abilities: Shiva, Ifrit, Atomos, Odin, Bahamut, Cure, Panacea
Learning Active Abilities: Protect, Shell

Tetra Master:
5x Goblin 0P00
5x Fang 0P00
Skeleton 0P00
4x Flan 0M00 - 0M01
Zaghnol - 0P00
Lizard Man 0P00
Zombie 0M00
Bomb 0M00
Ironite 1P10
Sahagin 1P00 

Status & Notes: 

Yes, so my slow and steady weekend should now be over. I should be back to a more normal amount of play time, because obviously, at this rate I was not going to finish IX by March 18th. Another editorial note. Over the weekend, I was a bit disappointed. I had purchased a long HDMI cable so that I could switch my PS3 output to my laptop if necessary. Unfortunately, my laptop does not like to acknowledge that it actually is an HDMI cable... so I'll have to alter the setup a bit... it should still work, just with a shorter HDMI cable than what I had wanted to use... oh well.

Really not much to say about my gameplay today. I did encounter the first friendly creature and gave it some ore... so there's part of that sidequest done.

Alright, goals for today... I'd like to possibly get through all the Dali stuff, through Burmecia and the whole Festival of the Hunt minigame stuff, and through Gizmaluke's Grotto... its a decent chunk, but I believe it should be doable... let's see how it goes...

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