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Day #107 Recap (FF IV: The After Years)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (The After Years)

Ceodore's Tale Play Time: 5:15(complete)
Rydia's Tale Play Time: 4:53(complete)
Yang's Tale Play Time: 2:49(complete)
Palom's Tale Play Time: 5:36(complete)
Edge's Tale Play Time: 5:01(complete)
Porom's Tale Play Time: 4:35(complete)
Edward's Tale Play Time:  4:55(complete)
Edward's Tale Redo Time: 4:46(complete)
Kain's Tale Play Time: 3:41(complete)
Lunarian's Tale Play Time: 3:48(complete)
Crystal's Tale Play Time: 5:41

The After Years Play Time (Total): 51:10
Interlude Play Time: 2:34(finished)
Main Game Play Time: 24:48(finished)
Side Run Play Time: 3:19(finished)

Total Complete Collection Play Time: 81:41
Total Play Time - 227:42

Current Game Overs - 1
Total Game Overs:11

Where I Currently Am: Subterrane B12(Crystal's Tale)
Bosses Killed Today: Baigan, Magus Sisters, Lugae+Barnabas, King+Queen Eblan, Scarmiglione, Cagnazzo, Barbariccia, Rubicante

Crystal's Tale Current Setup

Kain - Dragoon - Lv 55
HP: 3730 MP: 155
Str: 72 Spd: 43 Sta: 76 Int: 32 Spr: 39
Atk: 12x - 136 Acc - 99% Def: 8x - 84 Eva: 34% MgD: 3x - 14 MgE - 18%

Equipment: Aegis Shield, Defender, Cross Helm, Dragon Mail, Giant's Gloves

White Magic: Cure, Cura, Esuna, Haste, Blink, Hold, Teleport

Rydia - Summoner - Lv 52
HP: 2167 MP: 556
Str: 26 Spd: 35 Sta: 24 Int: 87 Spr: 44
Atk: 6x - 64 Acc - 73% Def: 4x - 43 Eva: 35% MgD: 5x - 33 MgE - 51%

Equipment: Stardust Robe, Gold Hairpin, Sage's Robe, Rune Armlet

Black Magic: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Sleep, Poison, Warp, Toad, Stop, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Pig, Osmose, Bio, Drain, Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga, Break, Quake

Summon Magic: Chocobo, Shiva, Sylph, Ifrit, Ramuh, Titan, Dragon, Odin

Edge - Ninja - Lv 52
HP: 3369  MP: 238
Str: 73 Spd: 46 Sta: 58 Int: 44 Spr: 20
Atk: 12x - 165 Acc - 99% Def: 5x - 64 Eva: 74% MgD: 3x - 11 MgE - 19%

Equipment: Murasame, Kiku-ichimonji, Black Cowl, Fire Scarf, Giant's Gloves

Ninjutsu: Flame, Flood, Shock, Gale, Smoke, Heal Pill, Shadowbind, Mirage, Blast, Frost, Blitz, Tremor

Rosa - White Mage - Lv 49
HP: 2291 MP: 413
Str: 45 Spd: 27 Sta: 45 Int: 18 Spr: 67
Atk: 7x - 91 Acc - 99% Def: 3x - 59 Eva: 37% MgD: 2x - 34 MgE - 38%

Equipment: Yoichi Arrows, Yoichi Bow, Ribbon, White Robe, Protect Ring

White Magic: Cure, Hold, Slow, Libra, Sight, Raise, Protect, Cura, Silence, Esuna, Shell, Blink, Confuse, Teleport, Berserk, Curaga, Mini, Dispel, Haste, Float, Reflect, Curaja

Ceodore - Red Wings - Lv 55
HP: 3260 MP: 315
Str: 66 Spd: 40 Sta: 51 Int: 23 Spr: 45
Atk: 11x - 128 Acc - 99% Def: 8x - 72 Eva: 38% MgD: 3x - 16 MgE - 20%

Equipment: Lustrous Sword, Dragon Shield, Genji Helm, Genji Armor, Giant's Gloves

White Magic: Cure, Libra, Protect, Raise, Cura, Esuna, Float, Shell, Blink, Reflect, Haste, Curaga

Status + Notes:

Mission kind of accomplished today... Got most of the way through the Lunar Subterrane of the True Moon. Watched a bunch of story sequences... and holy encounter rate... I mean seriously... I found myself lucky to take 5 steps sometimes without running into a battle. And then the last floor B12... well, that really kicks up the encounter challenge a bit now doesn't it. Seems like a great place to grind some levels if you want to work with multiple character parties.

So, did not start on my side quest... which I realize now is going to have to extend to Rubicante... took the Edge only fight this time through, but there's separate entries for the party battle against him... sigh... oh well.
My goal for today is to get up to the Depths (Final Chapter, part 3)... and probably get through a bunch of the side quest...

To reiterate, the side quest is basically going to be a speed run through the first 2 parts of the final tale. I'm not collecting any tails, just going through and killing all the Eidolons and the Antlion... and then speeding through the Subterrane up to Rubicante and killing him with a party.

Spoiler Alert... Sarcastic Plot Developments of the Day:

So, our chosen party lands on the True Moon and is allowed to explore the moon's surface... if ya know, your idea of exploring is a bunch of dead ends except for the one dungeon entrance. So, we enter. And look, its the same Lunar Subterrane from the other moon... or is it. No, those who are attentive will note that is a mirror copy. We immediately find a broken crystal... bad portent, eh?

A couple floors down we find a crystal intact and upon examining it, Baigan is ressurected and attacks us. Luckily, all he really wants is to die and be at peace... so we have no problem with that. After that we are forced to rest. During the rest Ceodore and Ursula catch up, and Ursula notes how much Ceodore has grown up since she last saw him. This apparently awakens some kind of bond, and now they can do a team attack... hooray??

We continue, and find another crystal... This one has the Magus Sisters. After sending them back to their rest, we take another one ourselves. During this one, Edge scolds his disciples... and praises them at the same time. We are left asking ourselves, who's watching the castle anyway??? And also reminding ourselves that Edge is awesome... After our next crystal(Dr. Lugae), Palom and Porom catch up. Palom kind of realizes he may no longer wish to be a sage, after all, Leonora is probably a better fit for the job. Porom is kind of shocked that he can praise someone other than himself. Which leads Palom to praise himself... the only thing missing from this scene is Palom getting thwacked... darn.

Next rest after our next reborn boss(Edge's mom and dad). Rydia and Luca talk... Luca decides she's over Palom, because love is so unimportant, and Dwarves don't dwell on unimportant things. She's too busy being an awesome airship mechanic anyway... next we decide to rest without even beating a boss, and while Porom and Leonora are talking, Luca gets all up in Leonora's face and makes her admit she likes Palom. Next, she asks Leonora if she plans on putting on her Mask, Tights, Gloves and Whip for him tonight... well not really, but we're all thinking it. Palom overhears all of this and thinks girls are scary.

Next we start coming after the Elemental Archfiends... which just makes Edge excited because he'll get to face Rubicante again... and after we face Scarmiglione we go through the door expecting a nice crystal area... but instead we see that this is indeed a new area! We're going through the areas of the elements... like some sort of Temple of Chaos or something. Well, this is the water area... so Cagnazzo, kill! Well, before we get there, its a random rest spot. Where Cid and Luca argue about whether or not Cid is old, or whether or not Luca is already better than him. Anyway, during all this, Calca and Brina break down. Oops.

So, yeah, back to Cagnazzo Kill!!!! Next we get a scene with Harley and Edward... Edward is debating whether or not he can still consider himself a bard... Well, checking the spoony-o-meter, I'd say fork yeah! Harley convinces him that his music gives great meaning to many people and he should stick with it and put a fork in all this giving up talk... Okay, I made up that last part.

The random tornadoes are here to tell us this is the wind floor. Thanks for the hint. I wonder who is the boss in this crystal? If you didn't guess Barbariccia you are no longer allowed to read this... So anyway, Barbariccia kill!!!! Next we get a scene with Edge and Yang. Edge says he's too young to think about having kids... Yang seems to think its about damn time. Really, how old is Edge, he's like in his mid-30s... anyway. Yang says a good king should always think about the future of his country including an heir. This seems to allow them to band together to kick some tail... nice.

Edge is extremely excited, because now we're on the fire floor. Edge decides to take him on himself. Rubicante is impressed by Edge's skills, and turns Inferno on himself... Edge still thinks he is not in Rubicante's league....

What other fun little scenes will we get? Where is this dungeon going? Tune in next time!


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