Monday, August 26, 2013

Day #108 Recap (FF IV: The After Years)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (The After Years)

Ceodore's Tale Play Time: 5:15(complete)
Rydia's Tale Play Time: 4:53(complete)
Yang's Tale Play Time: 2:49(complete)
Palom's Tale Play Time: 5:36(complete)
Edge's Tale Play Time: 5:01(complete)
Porom's Tale Play Time: 4:35(complete)
Edward's Tale Play Time:  4:55(complete)
Edward's Tale Redo Time: 4:46(complete)
Kain's Tale Play Time: 3:41(complete)
Lunarian's Tale Play Time: 3:48(complete)
Crystal's Tale Play Time: 7:49

The After Years Play Time (Total): 53:18
Interlude Play Time: 2:34(finished)
Main Game Play Time: 24:48(finished)
Side Run Play Time: 3:19(finished)

Total Complete Collection Play Time: 83:49
Total Play Time - 229:50

Current Game Overs - 1
Total Game Overs:11

Where I Currently Am: Depths B9 (Crystal Tale)
Bosses Killed Today: Leviathan, Asura, Lich, Marilith, Kraken, Tiamat, Astaroth, Beezelbub, King Behemoth, Iron Giant

Crystal's Tale Current Setup

Kain - Dragoon - Lv 60
HP: 4293 MP: 193
Str: 87 Spd: 55 Sta: 91 Int: 40 Spr: 50
Atk: 14x - 141 Acc - 99% Def: 9x - 118 Eva: 70% MgD: 3x - 33 MgE - 41%

Equipment: Adamant Shield, Defender, Adamant Helm, Dragon Mail, Giant's Gloves

White Magic: Cure, Cura, Esuna, Haste, Blink, Hold, Teleport

Rydia - Summoner - Lv 58
HP: 2557 MP: 619
Str: 29 Spd: 37 Sta: 27 Int: 88 Spr: 45
Atk: 6x - 121 Acc - 89% Def: 4x - 42 Eva: 28% MgD: 5x - 27 MgE - 45%

Equipment: Mystic Whip, Gold Hairpin, Sage's Robe, Limit Ring

Black Magic: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Sleep, Poison, Warp, Toad, Stop, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Pig, Osmose, Bio, Drain, Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga, Break, Quake, Death, Tornado

Summon Magic: Chocobo, Shiva, Sylph, Ifrit, Ramuh, Titan, Dragon, Odin

Edge - Ninja - Lv 59
HP: 4033  MP: 276
Str: 71 Spd: 74 Sta: 73 Int: 48 Spr: 31
Atk: 13x - 162 Acc - 99% Def: 9x - 93 Eva: 70% MgD: 4x - 30 MgE - 31%

Equipment: Rising Sun, Kiku-ichimonji, Adamant Helm, Brave Suit, Protect Ring

Ninjutsu: Flame, Flood, Shock, Gale, Smoke, Heal Pill, Shadowbind, Mirage, Blast, Frost, Blitz, Tremor

Rosa - White Mage - Lv 55
HP: 2798 MP: 467
Str: 50 Spd: 30 Sta: 48 Int: 21 Spr: 73
Atk: 8x - 92 Acc - 99% Def: 3x - 61 Eva: 37% MgD: 2x - 34 MgE - 39%

Equipment: Yoichi Arrows, Yoichi Bow, Ribbon, White Robe, Protect Ring

White Magic: Cure, Hold, Slow, Libra, Sight, Raise, Protect, Cura, Silence, Esuna, Shell, Blink, Confuse, Teleport, Berserk, Curaga, Mini, Dispel, Haste, Float, Reflect, Curaja, Arise

Cecil - Paladin - Lv 48
HP: 3216 MP: 202
Str: 82 Spd: 35 Sta: 62 Int: 31 Spr: 41
Atk: 13x - 152 Acc - 99% Def: 7x - 110 Eva: 40% MgD: 3x - 32 MgE - 32%

Equipment: Excalibur, Crystal Shield, Crystal Helm, Adamant Armor, Giant's Gloves

White Magic: Cure, Sight, Libra, Cura, Teleport, Esuna

Status + Notes:

Mission once again... kind of accomplished today... just didn't feel like starting the side run. To compensate though I made it through the first 2 sections of the depths... And yes, I used the original party... why? Because its fun to use awesome looking 5-person bands sometimes... I do plan on switching up my party up somewhat... in fact I'm going to completely for the next section... I call this time Gen I... today I play with party Gen II. See if you can figure out who that includes before I post it tomorrow

Now today I'm certainly going to start the side run... would actually like to get up to Subterrane in it. Also, in the main run I'm going to get through 1 or 2 more sections of Depths... probably going to involve some level grinding... so be it.

Spoiler Alert... Sarcastic Plot Developments of the Day:

We come to another rest area and Ceodore wants to meet Uncle Golbez... he'd like him to light up a lightbulb by sticking it in his mouth... but this is the wrong uncle. Golbez is pretty whiny still upset at all the bad stuff he did in the past. But Ceodore doesn't want to hear any of it. He wants to know what its like on the moon... I'll tell you what's its like, its like the first seven levels of this dungeon we just went through! Only with a giant ass dragon that lives down the street.

Next we come to the Sylph cave area... accept the floors aren't actually made of lava. Darn. Deep within we come to a couple houses... nestled sweetly in the side of the core of the moon. Ya know 2 beds, 2 baths... lovely starter homes... and ya know Eidolon Royalty likes to hang out on the balconies. So, first we take on Leviathan. He eventually wakes up and joins Rydia's Summon list. Then we head next door to Asura's house... apparently there's some marital trouble since Miss Blue Hair came into the picture... do I smell an affair? Anywho, while we're fighting Queenie, Leviathan comes out and is all wake up... but really it does nothing. We have to knock some sense into her... which we do.

So, we finally reach floor 13... where Dark Knight Cecil is hanging out. Yeah, I thought we got rid of him back on Mt. Ordeals too. Well, Paladin Cecil does his best zombie impression and its time to fight. We beat on him, however, we are unaware he knows the vicious Black Fang attack. Cecil jumps in front of everyone and takes the attack, until DK Cecil decides to directly target Pally Cecil. Pally Cecil things 5 fangs would be too much! So, Golbez jumps in front and takes his. Rosa heals up Golbez and its time for round 2. Ceodore finally accepts his lineage and jumps into the fray, only for another Black Fang... Cecil, previously lying on the floor, once again jumps in front to cover his son. DK Cecil has an identity crisis and falls over eventually turning into Excalibur.

Miss Blue Hair shows up and decides not to fight us. Instead she invites us into the final dungeon... a long trip bringing us even further down closer to the core. We come to a rest area. Cecil and Golbez want to catch up. Cecil admits that while he had no idea what was going on during the whole controlled by Miss Blue Hair affair, the memories of his family kept him going, including Golbez. Golbez admits he was tired of hiding out on the moon and that FuSoYa sent him back to the blue planet to help out. Wonder how he's making out against Zeromus anyway... ah well.

 A few floors down we come to a bunch of crystals, each housing an Elemental Fiend from Final Fantasy I. Obviously, no one in the party knows who they are... but we know... and that's all that matters. Also, someone $#!+ on the coats. Now, if they're the Elemental Fiends, and Scarmigilione and Co. are the archfiends... are they in charge of the Fiends??? Or is the Blue Planet just on a more important district than whatever planet FF I was on? I'd like to know the Elemental Political Hierarchy damnit...

So, more floors and another rest area... Kain and Golbez are talking now... Kain wants to know if anything happening here is related to Golbez's moon. Golbez has no idea, as his crystals were brutally destroyed as well... just another moon caught up in crystal genocide. So now more crystals. These ones house bosses from Final Fantasy III. Including Iron Giant... luckily, this Iron Giant doesn't require us to be around level 90 to kill it. Thank god... also, without turn based battling to make it completely OP, it's not so bad to take it down. Also, Spider Silk.... Damn Iron Giant... great fight in FF III...



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