Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day #111 Recap (FF IV DS)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IV DS

Current Play Time: 0:28
Total Play Time - 239:39

Current Game Overs - 4
Total Game Overs:14

Where I Currently Am: Mist
Bosses Killed Today (TAY): Nova Dragon, Lost Babil
Bosses Killed Today (DS): Mist Dragon

Current Setup

Cecil - Dark Knight - Lv 12
HP: 276 MP: 33
Str: 15 Spd: 11 Sta: 12 Int: 7 Spr: 3
Atk: 10 Acc: 85 Def: 12 Eva: 22 MgD: 1 MgE: 0

Equipment: Dark Sword, Dark Shield, Dark Helm, Dark Armor, Dark Gloves

Kain - Dragoon - Lv 11
HP: 226 MP: 15
Str: 15 Spd: 12 Sta: 10 Int: 6 Spr: 12
Atk: 10 Acc: 80 Def: 10 Eva: 20 MgD: 1 MgE: 0

Equipment: Spear, Iron Shield, Iron Helm, Iron Armor, Iron Gloves

Status + Notes

Yay, 4 weeks on the Complete Collection and I'm done! Sort of... yeah, I'm sitting on 1 monster left in the bestiary... and yeah, I'm going to get it. And I'll keep updates on that here. But I'm not waiting on that to keep going on.

So, now we move on to FF IV which we've been playing for the last month... but no, it is different. Markedly so. Different engine... not my favorite, but kind of interesting. MUCH harder. As well as some new systems. We'll get into all of it as we go through.

My goal for today... is to finish the review of The Complete Collection... seriously even if I don't get any gameplay in, I want to get that done... Also, this is going to be the last edition of Spoiler Alert for a while... I liked doing it, but it takes so much time. Need to get back to normal for a bit.

Spoiler Alert... Sarcastic Plot Developments of the Day:

So we start in Troia, where, now that she's saved the world, Leonora is allowed to become a leader of the nation officially... yay!!! Izayoi thinks that is pretty cool.  I think those other seven are just jealous of her audacious sagacity.

Next, we go to Mysidia. The Elder has woken up, and Palom says its about time and its his own fault for trying to do things he's too old to do. The elder replies saying, I'M A M... nope, I'm done with that... I think. Anyway, Palom decides he's possibly not well suited to becoming a sage. The elder puts him and Porom in charge of Mysidia... oh the thwacking that will occur... Anyway, Palom has a visitor... Leonora. She's decided she doesn't want to be the leader of an amazonian nation and instead would like to slee... err, continue her Sage training with Palom. Porom will also help, however she can... yeah I ain't touching that one.

Next, the Dwarven Castle where Luca is explaining to her father the purpose of the Crystals... He doesn't care... they'll watch over them just because they look pretty and they always have. Thankfully, Cid shows up with Mid. They decide to go work on the Falcon. The engine needs tweaking... like it always does, but Luca can't figure it out... must be that 10 you have in Intelligence... Luckily Mid is there and he's much smarter and even though he's like 2 he knows the perfect solution!

Here's Fabul... moon's gone, Yang and Ursula are training... and that pretty much sums that up.

In Damcyan, they are making some kind of preparations. They've procured some material.... what kind of material I don't know, but I guess its supposed to help with rebuilding. Before leaving, Edward summons the ghosts of Anna and Tellah and thanks them. He's the king he is today thanks to them I guess...,. Spoony bard...

Eblan time. Edge has wandered off again. He's getting a status report from the Eblan 4... who we've been witnessing are still spying on the other nations. Edge tells them to go off and live their own lives... but apparently they are soulless automatons who just want to serve a nation or something... Edge has better things to do though... like head off to Mist! In Mist, Rydia is playing with Cuore... the last Maenad we kidnapped from the True Moon. Leviathan and Asura have come to visit. Since Rydia is apparently not allowed to come to the Feymarch anymore, they figured they'd come see their adopted daughter. Rydia introduces her twice removed through adoption grandparents to her and surprise its Edge. He arranged this meeting... how HE can be in contact with the Feymarch is beyond me, but sure we'll roll with it. We've been wanting to see these two get together for 20 years now...

Finally in Baron. Cecil and Ceodore are training, and Cecil is not treating Ceodore like a kid anymore... in fact he has a new captain. Kain! So after all this... Kain ends up with Cecil's old job... just great. We then get a flashback with Cecil, Rosa, and Golbez... Golbez wants to visit his father's... whatever that thing is on Mt. Ordeals... and then he's off back to his moon to see whatever became of the Zeromus incident... we get no answer to this and its off to the Airships.

Ceodore... apparently the only member serving under Kain is helping disarm Baron's airships... never to be armed again. They will be helping to reconstruct all the nations of the world. But first they have to go to Damcyan to pick up the building materials... We see the moon... and then we see DUH CREDITS!!!!


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