Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day #110 Recap (FF IV: The After Years)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (The After Years)

Ceodore's Tale Play Time: 5:15(complete)
Rydia's Tale Play Time: 4:53(complete)
Yang's Tale Play Time: 2:49(complete)
Palom's Tale Play Time: 5:36(complete)
Edge's Tale Play Time: 5:01(complete)
Porom's Tale Play Time: 4:35(complete)
Edward's Tale Play Time:  4:55(complete)
Edward's Tale Redo Time: 4:46(complete)
Kain's Tale Play Time: 3:41(complete)
Lunarian's Tale Play Time: 3:48(complete)
Crystal's Tale Play Time: 12:07
Crystal's Tale Side Run Play Time: 1:01

The After Years Play Time (Total): 58:37
Interlude Play Time: 2:34(finished)
Main Game Play Time: 24:48(finished)
Side Run Play Time: 3:19(finished)

Total Complete Collection Play Time: 89:08
Total Play Time - 235:09

Current Game Overs - 4
Total Game Overs:14

Where I Currently Am: Postgame, Subterrane(Siderun)
Bosses Killed Today: Omega, Gilgamesh, Atomos, Ghost Train, Orthros, Ultima Weapon, Deathgaze, Mysterious Girl+Bahamut, Creator

Crystal's Tale Current Setup

Luca - Shop Hand - Lv 63
HP: 4548 MP: 135
Str: 99 Spd: 43 Sta: 90 Int: 9 Spr: 7
Atk: 15x - 189 Acc - 90% Def: 5x - 100 Eva: 60% MgD: 1x - 15 MgE - 17%

Equipment: Gigant Axe, Adamant Helm, Minerva Bustier, Giant's Gloves

Palom - Black Mage - Lv 61
HP: 2510 MP: 614
Str: 37 Spd: 56 Sta: 40 Int: 83 Spr: 27
Atk: 8x - 109 Acc - 99% Def: 7x - 68 Eva: 47% MgD: 4x - 37 MgE - 53%

Equipment: Assassin's Dagger, Ribbon, Sage's Robe, Adamant Gloves

Black Magic: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Sleep, Poison, Warp, Toad, Stop, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Pig, Osmose, Bio, Drain, Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga, Break, Quake, Death, Tornado, Flare, Meteor

Ursula - Monk - Lv 60
HP: 3895  MP: 168
Str: 90 Spd: 66 Sta: 72 Int: 15 Spr: 40
Atk: 16x - 144 Acc - 99% Def: 8x - 70 Eva: 50% MgD: 3x - 22 MgE - 22%

Equipment: Dragon Claws, Godhand, Ribbon, Brave Suit, Limit Ring

Porom - White Mage - Lv 61
HP: 2744 MP: 625
Str: 40 Spd: 44 Sta: 41 Int: 37 Spr: 96
Atk: 8x - 75 Acc - 85% Def: 8x - 97 Eva: 78% MgD: 5x - 61 MgE - 67%

Equipment: Seraphim's Mace, Adamant Shield, Cat-Ear Hood, Adamant Armor, Rune Armlet

White Magic: Cure, Hold, Slow, Libra, Sight, Raise, Protect, Cura, Silence, Esuna, Shell, Blink, Confuse, Teleport, Berserk, Curaga, Mini, Dispel, Haste, Float, Reflect, Curaja, Arise, Holy

Ceodore - Red Wings - Lv 65
HP: 4767 MP: 431
Str: 93 Spd: 66 Sta: 86 Int: 35 Spr: 64
Atk: 16x - 220 Acc - 99% Def: 12x - 118 Eva: 65% MgD: 5x - 32 MgE - 40%

Equipment:Ultima Weapon, Hero's Shield, Adamant Armor, Lunar Mail, Giant's Gloves

White Magic: Cure, Libra, Protect, Raise, Cura, Esuna, Float, Shell, Blink, Reflect, Haste, Curaga

Status + Notes:

So, again got sidetracked... ya know into finishing the main game... and raging... lots of raging. First, I wiped on Nova Dragon... I'm still too low level for him. I'm fine with that... then I wiped on Bahamut after I thought I had saved... nope... had to go all the way back to the FF V boss floor. rawr... and then after working back to Bahamut and killing it... found out its one of those Bestiary entries you DON'T get if he joins Rydia... well crap... now if I want 100% bestiary in my side run I have to make it ALL the way to Bahamut... that's a LONG way. We'll see... I may start up FF IV DS and keep this as a side thing on my way through...

Comments on the last boss... yeah, if you do enough dps... this thing will never touch you, it will just keep on transforming. I honestly think he got off like 4 attacks the whole fight... 2x Flare is awesome... and Spider Silk is OP...

The one thing I won't change though is still needing to kill the Super Bosses before I move on. That means you Nova Dragon and Proto-Babil! So... expect the Completion post sometime today... though man, that is going to be  LONG one to post since I'm going to put all the characters in... ugh... Might be another day or two before I do the review.. Again its going to be a long one since I'm covering the whole game.

Spoiler Alert... Sarcastic Plot Developments of the Day:

So... another rest stop. This time we pull out the Whisperweed and see that we've returned to Walkie-talkie range... that's not good. The world is pretty much in a state of crap right now.... not good. But we have some bosses of Future Past to take care of... Atomos and Gilgamesh... yep... so... they die. And we move on.

Another rest area, and Kain is here to rally Ceodore... Rosa is very thankful that Kain can get the best out of him. They learn Double Jump and its on to the FF VI area. Ghost Train first... though we can't Phoenix Down it... darn. Then, Ultros... who still likes the ladies... Ultima(Atma) Weapon, and finally Deathgaze... From here its a straight shot down to Miss Blue Hair. She summons Bahamut, and its on. Rydia calls on Leviathan and Asura who try to snap Bahamut out of it. They get a Megaflare TO THE FACE for their troubles... but in the end it works out. Bahamut wakes up and gives Miss Blue Hair a double dose of Megaflare to take her down... Yeah its like a double deuce... only with more flare... and more mega.

So, we come to a chamber of Miss Blue Hairs... creepy much... apparently they are known collectively as the Maenad... yeah kind of a borg thing going here... If the Borg looked vaguely like Rydia... with Blue Hair. We find a tiny Maenad and tell her to stay... and then roll over... nah, I just made that up. So, we keep on descending and we come to the very center... Collecting all of our old crystals alogn the way... except they're all dark now... But we still recognize them of course. We beat up the door of the core... honestly, I don't know what the heck it is... I like the game's explanation of it... ??? Yep. That pretty much says it all.

Well, after we blow the door off of it, Droopy Dog appears, and explains that the crystals are a recorder of evolution... yeah kind of like Lavos I guess... apparently we haven't evolved enough for this things liking so the moon is going to eat our planet. So obviously we need to kick its butt.... We do that for a while... and it turns into something from Tron I guess... then apparently we sever its connection to the core, which means its evolving rapidly... Yep, that's right now we're into Illusion of Gaia territory... So, apparently its ultimate evolution is something like Exdeath... and its crashing into us... great. So, we get the obligatory prayer sequence... which makes all the crystals light back up again, and the Creator targetable... yay. So, we beat on him and he dies... 
But apparently he can replicate himself infintiely... of course he can. So its time to run away!!! We run away, but the Creator keeps on tapping us on the shoulder from behind and bothering us. Luckily defeating him has released the Maenad from his control, and they help us keep him occupied while we run away.
We escape back to the ship and see that the True Moon has altered its course. Hooray! The world is saved...

Tune in tomorrow when we go over what happens in the ending...


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