Friday, August 30, 2013

Day #112 Recap (FF IV DS)

Current Game: Final Fantasy IV DS

Current Play Time: 1:12
Total Play Time - 240:23

Current Game Overs - 0
Total Game Overs:14

Where I Currently Am: Underground Waterway
Bosses Killed Today: None
Current Setup

Cecil - Dark Knight - Lv 15
HP: 362 MP: 41
Str: 17 Spd: 13 Sta: 14 Int: 8 Spr: 3
Atk: 10 Acc: 85 Def: 12 Eva: 22 MgD: 1 MgE: 0

Equipment: Dark Sword, Dark Shield, Dark Helm, Dark Armor, Dark Gloves

Rydia - Summoner - Lv 12
HP: 180 MP:84
Str: 14 Spd: 11 Sta: 12 Int: 9 Spr: 5
Atk: 5 Acc: 80 Def: 7 Eva: 20 MgD: 5 MgE: 5

Equipment: Rod, Leather Clothing, Silver Armlet

White Magic: Cure, Sight, Hold, Confuse, Esuna, Cura
Black Magic: Blizzard, Thunder, Sleep, Poison, Warp
Summon: Chocobo, Whyt

Tellah - Sage - Lv 13
HP: 198 MP:90
Str: 6 Spd: 7 Sta: 8 Int: 25 Spr: 24
Atk: 6 Acc: 80 Def: 7 Eva: 22 MgD: 5 MgE: 4

Equipment: Staff, Gaia Gear, Iron Armlet

White Magic: Cure,Esuna, Raise, Silence, Confuse, Blink, Teleport
Black Magic: Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Sleep, Poison, Osmose

Status + Notes

So, as I said yesterday... not much playing time today. I literally fell asleep around 9:30 last night... so tired. So, yeah, I totally miss the PSP engine. It was such a great engine... and its all gone now. Sure, this engine does have auto-battle, but it doesn't act as a fast-forward... though that might not be such a bad thing. One wrong move in this version, and you'll have a character die. It's happened to me a few times already. The key thing in this version is to be patient, and not to be afraid to teleport out of somewhere and use a tent... Makes me really look forward to the Tower of Zot... ugh...

My goal for today is to make it through the Underwater Passageway, Antlion's Den, and Mt. Hobs...

Oh, by the way my overall goal for this game is pretty simple. Complete all the maps, and kill the 2 Super bosses, yes I realize that requires two playthroughs... deal with it.

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